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“ A kitten is a rosebud in the

garden of the animal  kingdom.”

~ Robert Southey

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Dr. IcePick is our traveling OB/GYN from the Pensacola area to check on our expecting girls

Maine Coon kittens may be reserved between 6-8 weeks and are released to new parents at approximately 14– 16 weeks. Before departing, kittens are 100% litter box trained, successfully using a vertical scratching post, have had nails clipped & been bathed/groomed. By 14 weeks, they have completed a series of 2-3 core kitten FVRCP Vaccinations, received all preventative de-worming’s and when appropriate a Merial Purevax Rabies 1 yr. vaccine (the safest and most reliable). The equivalent cost of 3 to 4 vet visits at minimum go into the health provision of every Maine Coon kitten. If the mother of the litter or a kitten is faced with any health problems, additional vet care is often a considerable expense absorbed by the ethical breeder, not tacked on as additional fees. Eye infections and intestinal bacterial infections are a reality sometimes in kitten rearing due to rowdy playing in litterboxes and poking each other in the eyes. In many cases if one kitten becomes ill, they may all have to be treated. All health issues requiring veterinarian care prior to placement are included in the adoption fee. Families who reserve a kitten are updated on the kittens’ progress as it develops and photos are shared periodically. By law, kittens placed within the State of FL must include an Official Intrastate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection pursuant to section 828.29 Florida Statutes. Out of State kittens receive an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. Certification is executed on behalf of the buyer and guarantees the kitten has been tested and comprehensively examined, according to the requirements of the State, by a licensed veterinarian who certifies health and approves placement. Florida Statute 828.29 (9) states “an animal may not be determined unfit for sale on account of an injury or illness contracted AFTER the consumer takes possession of the animal.” No need to worry about a hidden or undisclosed health issue before pick up, we also screen for ringworm and heartworms and have never had a case, nor Feline Leukemia or Aids. Certifications may be verified by calling our vet (Dr. Norm Griggs, DVM or Julia Whited, DVM 850-926-1475). Placement is DELAYED (or cancelled depending upon the diagnosis) if a serious health issue is discovered during health certification. RoyalLions reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time due to any health issue or if a person doesn’t qualify or is deemed “unstable or unsuitable in caring for the kitten”, or if the environment in which they live pose a threat or risk, or they own an excessive number of cats.  If you want to do your homework on us, veterinarian and kitten owner references are offered upon your request; you may also visit our testimonial page (Hairy Tales) of “real” stories from our stellar families.


Text Box: For QUALITY hand raised 
Maine Coon Kittens 
Contact: Florida Maine Coon Breeders, Janie & Allen Harris

due to the high volume of inquiries and other work/family obligations, please allow a few days for us to respond to voicemail/ emails,  excluding weekends. Sometimes we can get back with you sooner.

Email: royallions@comcast.net
Web address: royallions.net

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RoyalLions Jane Austen

“ Kittens are convinced that the whole world is

concerned with keeping them entertained.”

           ~ F.A. Paradis de Moncrif, Les Chats


(Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association)


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~  2010, 2011, 2012 , 2013 , 2014, 2015, 2016


* Formally Registered and in Good Standing with TICA ~

The International Cat Association & CFA ~ Cat Fancier’s Association. Currently, we show and register our cats in TICA. To learn more about TICA visit:  www.tica.org

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We are hobby breeders with a human family and other responsibilities, care and health of our kittens and adult cats must come first daily. Due to the volume of inquiries, please allow a few days, excluding weekends, for us to respond to emails or phone calls. Inquiries will be handled in order of receipt. We look forward to possibly having you as part of our extended Royal family!

Healthy & well socialized kittens don’t just happen. Don’t 

be fooled by sales or cattery reduction prices or claims of

“lowest prices”, you will get what you pay for in terms of

health, socialization, and behavioral issues. Most importantly, you are buying a live companion whom you will invest your heart in, not a commodity; why we don’t ship, send overseas,

or heavily advertise. Our families personally escort their

babies home, even those placed in NY City, Oregon & Washington. If flying, they were in the cabin. We do not “satellite breed” (have others raise our kittens for us off-site to minimize the work), nor raise kittens in outbuildings, bathrooms, or converted garages. What goes into a kitten

during its most critical developmental period can affect it for a lifetime.


The Maine Coon breed promises to be an unsurpassed companion BUT ONLY IF raised in a quality manner centered around a nurturing home! Many sacrifices are made to provide a companion whom will enrich lives for many years to come. Work hours do not end  at 5:00 pm, we don’t have weekends off, sometimes we are up all night bottle feeding or assisting a delivery. Our entire home has to be arranged appropriately for a quality breeding program that provides sensible separation but also stimulation, sunlight, human contact, and a quality of life many catteries do not afford their breeding cats. Breeding males are very difficult to house and why many are sadly isolated. Constant care and cleaning of the stud area is a daily task as well as maintaining the Queens who should be appropriately segregated. We give up much personal space, time, and manual labor to raise this breed which requires a 4 month commitment. Adoption  fees are based largely on “current” vet fees which vary throughout the State  but also the provisions of the cattery. Genetic Health testing, Heart Echoes to effectively screen for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, routine health care for breeding cats which is ongoing due to hormones, and daily consumables of premium quality add up. Breeders cannot control rising cost of veterinarians or  the pet care industry.  Other considerations are: monthly pesticide control, necessary supplements, medicines, emergencies , show fees, association fees, and administrative needs . These will often absorb all the fees a cattery takes in once the year is up. Outlays in purchasing the very best outcrosses (breeders not related) is another large expense some do not consider. We choose not to cut corners in any area including the care of our kittens or their parents. Size, gender, quality and sometimes uncommon colors may also be considered in pricing. 


Placement fees within Florida from a trusted “reputable”

cattery range from $1500-2000.  Quality, gender, breeding practices, veterinarian inclusions, cattery care & overhead,

local veterinarian fees, and breed testing are serious factors affecting cost; as well as, placement dates and vaccination protocols. Breeders also vary in how they run their catteries

and the quality in which they operate.  Kitten prospects need

to be sure they are getting the full value for what they invest as many cut corners and operate without ethics. We are proud to be the cattery of a number of Veterinarians;  for that is the highest compliment. We are also referred by a number of veterinarians in the State who have our Maine Coons as their clients.

We provide 24/7 in-home care and attention to our kittens so they will offer immeasurable companionship. Our kittens share our home and even sleep with us, it’s our deepest concern that they go to the most optimal environments where they will continue to be loved and nurtured as socialization  and bonding is a continuum process even after the kitten leaves us.  The Maine Coon breed is very faithful and craves human attention. If you work excessive hours and  have no other cats,  it’s  highly recommended you consider a sibling or add another companion later to prevent loneliness and separation anxiety.  We cannot be responsible for social disorders the next home may inflict upon a kitten. All contracts are binding and there are no exchanges or refunds once the “health certified” kitten is inspected  upon pick up and removed from the cattery. It’s our greatest satisfaction to match the perfect family with the most compatible kitten. We kindly ask you to be patient when waiting on a return call or email response as we receive countless inquiries daily and prefer to respond “personally”, not with a form letter. We also have family demands and other responsibilities that makes it difficult  to respond instantly. We try to get back with serious inquiries asap or within a 2-3 day period (excluding weekends).  Please understand our cattery is our home, not a commercial business, it is not open to the public, visitations are reserved only for approved, pre-screened families. If you maintain a serious interest in a RoyalLion, we look forward to future correspondence via telephone or email.  Weekdays are best for correspondence. If you email us or call and we do not respond, please try again as some mail can end up blocked or marked as spam, and some  voicemails are not always audible.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Our  OB-GYN, Dr. IcePick 

in his stethoscope, Pensacola, FL





If possible, we try to plan two partnerships relatively close so that mothers

can share nursing duties if needed, this has saved lives before but cannot always be guaranteed.  Availability will be based on the litter count and families who may already be on our  Waiting List.


Most of the Parents can be viewed on our  Kings & Queens pages.

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Those using any written text or photos from our site  without permission will be prosecuted according to the law in the Wakulla County Court legal jurisdiction of the State of Florida .


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RoyalLions “Fuzzy”, a total lounge lizard , sharing his time in Naples, FL and Cape Cod

“Just Another Manic Monday!”

RoyalLions Dragonlet,  Proudly lives on Gerri and Tommy’s shoulders in Lakeland, FL

“Marshmallow Man” on left

and “Carbon” shortly after going home with

Penny & Mendell ,

Boca Raton, FL


Meeting Mom

A telephone interview is essential before a family is added to our Waiting List or before a kitten can be reserved. Litter visitations can be scheduled after 8 weeks old IF there are kittens not already spoken for. Some are reserved in advance as we are highly referral based.  Approved families who visit should expect to wash hands and remove shoes before entering kitten areas, please do not be offended as we follow the same practice to prevent compromising young immune systems. If you wish to reserve a kitten after a litter is born,  a retainer/deposit is required once the litter reaches between 6-8 weeks old and has proven health. Once a formal deposit is received, the kitten will be removed from availability and denied to all others interested including offers from breeders, therefore, deposits are non-refundable if a cancellation occurs regardless of the reason. Reservations may be cancelled by the breeder if a health issue is discovered during health certification or the gender of the kitten promised is incorrect, 100% of the deposit is refunded immediately. Pickup is scheduled following a kitten’s formal veterinarian health certification (approx. 14 wks old). A reasonable boarding fee is assessed IF the breeder agrees to further house the kitten after the litter pickup date. If  a kitten is not picked by 16 weeks old, or the agreed upon alternative pick up date, it will be made available to others with no refund provided as we are not a boarding facility and this creates a hardship within our cattery creating space and social conflicts, additional work and advertising, and can greatly affect our personal schedules. Due to traveling distances, visitations are NOT required to reserve a kitten, many successful placements have occurred with the sharing of photos and information via online and phone. RoyalLions requires new families to share: the name of their vet and send photos of their home and other pets; they may be emailed to royallions@comcast.net

The Stunning  “Sassy”  from our Savanna Calling litter.

Brown Ticked Tabby Female

Worshipped by Kathy, Tampa, FL

“Give us a few working days to get back to inquiries, my mommy has a lot to do and still has to spend time petting me!”


Thank you,

Redford  the Lion

RoyalLions “Coco” and “Silky”

Dr. John & Diane Masiello, Tampa, FL

Cashmere Bunny x  Jeepers Creepers  ~ 

Born July 8th, 2016


The Jester x Count Blackula  ~

Born  July 10th, 2016


Some of the  kittens were reserved in advance, some families have to be contacted to assess what we have open for adoption. We are awaiting confirmations. Those available will be posted mid September.

New owners must accept responsibility for vet care required  AFTER departure as we have no control of what a kitten may be exposed to in terms of environmental factors, sanitation standards, unethical or misdiagnoses by other vets, stress within a home, and other pets. Owners should educate themselves regarding the Maine Coon breed before adoption. All cats (and all breeds) carry the risk of genetic and randomly occurring health issues. Health problems, such as feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy & hip dysplasia, are seen in the breed, but health histories and screening methods can help reduce the frequency of these problems. We incorporate HCM and HD screening methods routinely in the selection of our breeding pairs before a litter is produced. Gingivitis is another common issue among all cats but an early approach towards oral care can decrease severity. We only use breeding pairs with healthy gums and never introduce a cat into our breeding program with gingival issues post teething. Each cat goes through an evaluation period for at least one year  BEFORE producing a litter. However, no breeder despite all their efforts can totally guarantee the future health of any cat. Preventative care, annual wellness, and dental exams are strongly encouraged as well as high quality food (including canned food daily) and pet water fountains. We encourage owners to consider pet health insurance which is very affordable, we do not offer refunds for buyer’s remorse or health issues that have occurred after the kitten was certified healthy and cleared for placement. Families have the opportunity to inspect their kitten before departure and are  provided with an Official Health Certification by a licensed veterinarian that can be verified even prior to pickup. Partial refunds (excluding the deposit) may be offered for  premature HCM or a congenital/birth defect within the first year if confirmed by a licensed vet including relevant formal testing (lab work, heart echo, x-rays, necropsy, etc) documenting the disorder and our veterinarian agrees with the medical findings We urge our owners to comprehensively baby proof their homes, keeping all medicines, pills, cleaners, toxic plants, blind cords, dental floss, string,  computer cords , holiday tinsel, hooks, and small hardware  out of the  paws of their kitten. Baby proof kitten toys: remove small bells, beads, eyeballs, and strings that can be swallowed. Opt for larger toys  which are less hazardous and stay away from the tiny mice pet stores sell. Supervise feathered toys, hiding them after use. Do not allow your kitten or cat to eat dog food and beware of the fad food trends promoted by Health Food Stores that can be lacking in scientific research and safety, or proper nutritional profiles.

At  3 months

RoyalLions “Count Chocula”

~Now Being Shown~

May possibley fill the shoes of his father IW, SGC RoyalLions

“Count Blackula “soon retiring

RoyalLions  “Jeepers Creepers”