Welcome to RoyalLions, home of two INTERNATIONAL WINNERS RoyalLions “Count Blackula and RoyalLions “Lunar Eclipse of MTNest, six Southeast Regional Winners and numerous Supremes and Grands. An International Winner (IW) and Regional Winner (RW) are among the highest distinctions awarded to a cat in The International Cat Association (TICA). TICA is one of the most competitive cat associations worldwide with the largest pedigree cat registry. However more important than show wins, is the personal philosophy and ethics behind a cattery and why it exist. We believe the Maine Coon is "the king" of all pedigree cats, not just in beauty and stature but in disposition and intimacy. Universally known as the "gentle giant", the Maine Coon out sizes many small-medium dogs being the largest domestic cat breed in the world! Originating in the state of Maine, the Maine Coon is America's only true native breed and the oldest show breed in North America. Lynx-like tufted ears and paws, prominent lion type muzzles and elegant ruffs, easy rugged coats in a variety of astounding colors, magnificent tails; an exclusive signature of their breed, and a distinctive trill is what  fascinates  those who admire them. The Maine Coon’s  gregarious "dog-like" nature, one of loyalty and affection, with the known capability of getting along with children and other pets is what captivate the hearts of those who share their lives with one! They will fascinate you with  amusing antics and over time become very child-like. Maine Coons will eagerly greet you at your arrival and miss you while your away. Some can even be trained to walk on a leash and fetch a ball. Most Maine Coons will easily travel if they are accustomed to it early.


Having the unique character of being extremely interactive and people orientated, Maine Coons make perfect fur children that absolutely complete a home and serve as the ideal companion! Our kitten families have shared these sentiments: “Our house is now a home. He has  produced an indescribable joy! What did we ever do without her? She was the missing piece to our family. This is the most amazing and intelligent breed we have ever owned. My Maine Coon has brought me much companionship during a difficult time in my life. I can’t wait to get home to see her. I now have a reason to get up in the morning. I can’t imagine living without one. When I lost my mother, she filled such a huge void in my heart, I am never alone now, our family is now complete!”  These are powerful reactions to the greatest  breed in the world and why we give up portions of our home, days off, and family vacations. The natural capacity the Maine Coon has towards enriching lives and healing hearts is what motivates us to produce highly sociable pets. We are a true low volume “in-home” cattery focused on quality  and excellence in socialization with a deep concern for improving the health of the breed staying abreast of current research, using modern testing methods in screening parents while retaining highly reputable lines that have proven health.


It’s our privilege to share this breed with our special families who find their way to us.  We thank you for visiting our site “where the Maine Coon reigns”, it would be an honor to add a little royalty to your family tree! With the deliberate intention of keeping our site highly personalized, we apologize for any user difficulties as this is a personal family maintained (non-commercial) web site. If you return to visit, please remember to REFRESH the pages. This site may be best viewed using Microsoft Explorer.


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Designated as a TICA 


2010, 2011, 2012,

2013, 2014, 2015

 Inspected Annually by Florida Licensed 


(# FL 10449)

Lizard Gitter

RoyalLions “Winchester”

Red Mackeral Tabby

RoyalLions “ Colt 45”

Gator Hunting is  Exhausting

“Where the Maine Coon Reigns!”

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Tallahassee, FL  
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S.E.  Region’s Best Maine Coon 2011

Supreme Grand  Champion

RW, SGC CascadeMtn  “Love Shack” of RoyalLions



RoyalLions “Jewel Thief”

of  Tanstaafl

A girl never has enough  jewelry


RoyalLions “Victoria Secret”

of  Broadsway 


RoyalLions “Wolfie”













Maine Coons fit for a

King or Queen




Cream Tabby w/White

RoyalLions supports Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge being adoptive parents. The refuge maintains secure land while tagging & breeding opportunities protectsthe Panther from becoming totally extinct. The Florida Panther is our  official State Animal!

Broadsway “BlueElla”

of  RoyalLions

Dam of International Winner

RoyalLions “Lunar Eclipse”

of  MTNest

“RoyalLions Sir Henley”

“women are my business”

royal stud boy retired in Dallas, TX with his son Madden.

RoyalLions “ Silver Bullet”

Black/Silver Classic Tabby

“The Creature” 

Black Silver Smoke Female

in honor of:

Wakulla  Springs State Park

Where Creature from the

Black Lagoon & the Original Tarzan were  filmed in Florida


RoyalLions “Remington”

Brown Ticked Tabby




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known as “the Conspiracy Litter”  now all placed in happy homes!

IW, SGC RoyalLions “Count Blackula” x  Broadsway “Tarzanna”

An unusually large litter not expected with the Maine Coon breed, the average litter is 3-6.


Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association



Veterinarian Inspected ~ 2010, 2011, 2012 ~ 2013, 2014, 2015


Formally Registered and in Good Standing with TICA ~

The International Cat Association & CFA ~ Cat Fancier’s Association

We show in TICA www.tica.org  and Involved in Area Feline Rescue

Sires & Dams Pedigrees  Verified/Registered on pawpeds.com

Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge ~ Sponsor and Adoptive Family

We Support Winn Feline Foundation and Cornell Feline Health

Affiliate Catteries of High Reputability whom we exclusively work with :

Broadsway, MTNest, Mainelyclassic, Chemicoons, CascadeMtn

  Florida State University Alumni Association Active Member &

Varsity Club / Track & Field

Anyone see my Bat Mobile?

RoyalLions “Batman”

“The Hamburglar” after robbing his sibling’s

food bowls!

Why A Pedigree Maine Coon? Some will argue why people should not purchase a cat, that there are too many homeless cats and crowded shelters. Breeders are not the cause for stray cats. Most breeders  support at least several rescues and often donate to this cause. Cat shows support rescues by allowing them to have adoption booths . Stray cats are the result of irresponsible, ignorant, and uncaring people who refuse to neuter and spay or leave their pets behind. The ratio between pedigree cats and domestic cats is huge with domestic cats greatly exceeding pedigrees . Controlling the homeless pet population starts with responsible pet ownership and a commitment to the pet during it’s lifetime not only when times are good. Most breeders place kittens in homes they have comprehensively screened and ensure neutering and spaying.


Just as some people admire and respect certain dog breeds, we (and our new families) appreciate the Maine Coon Cat breed and all it has to offer in unmatched companionship and beauty. The Maine Coon is also very much an American icon, worthy of preservation, it’s heritage beginning in the  rugged woods of New England, in fact, it’s the only true native breed to America! Further, the Maine Coon is the State Animal for Maine. Many love the German Shepherd breed and other fine pedigree dogs for their dependability, intelligence, and attractiveness...the same is felt by those who treasure certain cat breeds. Maine Coon owners are guaranteed an outstanding family pet with desired features which meet the breed standard, one with a disposition and background the breeder can account for including health and many have less vet bills incurred trying to guess and test for problems or hidden health issues they may face with a stray. Most reputable breeders have made the financial investment  ahead of time in testing and screening their breeding cats and providing quality health care to kittens prior to placement, so often the money spent on a pedigree may be less. We say, keep adopting rescues of course, but respect those who want to add a very special breed to their family. The Maine Coon was labeled “The Perfect Family Pet”  and “the Gentle Giant” by Cat Fancy magazine for a very good reason!  Just see below!


One of the Boys…bonding with his new Buds!”

Chopper with his new brothers just shortly after meeting. Looks like he has a smile on his face!


~Bre Waters & Family ~

Houston, Texas


CHOPPER navigating his way to Texas!”

Driving Home from Florida with his new family….all while

finding a place to rest his paws!

One of the Girls! TigerLily at Pick-Up

Tampa, FL

TigerClaw the Co-Pilot”

Bonding with Dad on the way home

Headed to  Sarasota, FL

Zoey kissing her new sister shorty after arrival in Tampa, FL

~Butterfly Kisses ~

 Little baby Bobcats dressed in natural woodsy browns, red highlights and cream remind us of how the very first Maine Coon sightings must of appeared in the rugged woodland forest of New England in the 1800’s. Natural coats, tall lynx -like ears, well tufted ears & feet, and strikingly feral expressions comprise our vision of the ideal Maine Coon cat. When we visit the vet and fellow customers ask, “Is that a wild cat?” it’s  one of the biggest compliments we can get! The only difference is these panthers are gentle and loving and might just steal your lap, your bed, your kisses, and your hearts!



Chopper with his new mom in Houston, TX

Tatertot meets his new playmates,  he will soon head to Jacksonville, FL to be joined with 2 other RoyalLion sisters

RoyalLions Security Officer: Tarzanna (above)


Enjoy our site. Photos may NOT be used for any purpose without expressed permission from RoyalLions unless you want to end up like

these two jail birds”


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Created by:  Janie & Savanna Harris


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“Puma Girl” charged w/  attempted kitten theft & impersonating an Officer

“Love Shack” Arrested for disturbing the peace

and  ID theft

The Life of a Quality Breeder ~


*Disinfect all food and water bowls daily throughout the cattery

* Mix up supplements into canned food and distribute, cleaning up all dishes once consumed

* Keep dry food bowls full, these also must be disinfected daily

* Scoop litter and clean out boxes frequently, bacterial contamination is a high risk due

to the number of kittens in a litter sharing boxes. This is managed 4-6 times a day and into the evening due to the number of cats in a cattery environment

* Sweep up scattered litter and then sanitize ALL floors and surface areas

* Vacuum cat trees, all flooring, under furniture, all fixtures and furniture daily to keep dander at minimum

in the environment

* Inspect kittens, check ears, oral cavity, eyes, and body condition, track weights

* Maintain health of all kittens and adults by monitoring them daily, you cannot ignore kittens and breeding adults or expect them to take care of themselves

* Bottle feed /Supplement kittens every two hours at minimum if a mother cannot adequately supply her litter with milk, this is common in a large breed such as this.

* Change nursery linens in kitten cradle and disinfect daily

* Bathe, clip nails, and groom each kitten weekly, sometimes more often if the kitten is a messy potty trainer or creates skid marks in the nursery

* Maintain flea free environment, apply flea topicals to all cats and kittens monthly

* Maintain adults, clean ears, bathe and groom weekly due to hormones, adult breeding cats can be prone to more health issues (stud tail, infected mammary, greasy coats)

* Schedule vet appointments for kitten well care and vaccines
* Transport kittens to the vet for routine care

* Maintain health records of each kitten and adult

* Schedule Health Certifications for each kitten
* Schedule Routine Exams and Heart Screenings for Adults

* Handle kitten illnesses when required, sometimes this requires treating the entire litter

* Wash linens and bedding, in kitten and adult cat areas, this can be daily or several times a day

* Follow routine de-worming protocol, document

* Maintain quality food supplies, current medicines, and pet supplies

* Handle daily emergencies, telephone and email inquiries, and current owner emails

* Prepare kitten for pick up (accustom to car, clip nails, bathe, organize health records)

* Educate and be proactive in continued education, read periodicals and research to improve animal husbandry

and one’s breeding program

* Update website making necessary changes

* Handle administrative responsibilities (register litters, keep breeding cats current on Pawpeds Database so test mating is possible to evaluate inbreeding coefficients, maintain professional memberships)

* Socialize, play and love the kittens daily...this takes time and effort!

*Sacrifice family vacations or weekend excursions when you have a litter because nobody will do the job like the breeder and too many valuable lives would be at risk.


This is why some labor is built into the price of a pedigree, besides the ongoing expenses of maintaining a cattery, paying for veterinarian care on a routine basis which is now comparable to the cost of human medical care, and investing in quality food, litter, supplements nobody in their right mind would do this job for  3.5– 4 months solid for free! The list above is just a general notation of basic task a breeder is responsible for. This does not include the effort involved in showing. There are some risk involved in showing and weekends must be allotted to do such. Viruses can be passed at shows and there have been times we have opted out of showing to be home with kittens on the weekends.


We are not backyard breeders ! Both of us are College educated, but Janie chooses to stay home full time now to raise her kittens in the most ideal way in an effort to provide  families with the most incredible companion on earth! Kittens left alone all day do not have the same disposition! A breeder who is truly involved will not want to leave them alone to raise themselves!

DandeeLion was blessed with a litter of 8 kittens but couldn't provide enough milk for her little ones, so we had to routinely supplement around the clock. Dandee was very relieved she could count on us!

Crusher was an up and coming sire that we purchased from another breeder, he just wasn’t able to handle the surge of hormones once he reached 11 months old. His high levels of testosterone wreaked physiological havoc, creating multiple health issues, including serious stud tail. Shown above, he is  receiving laser treatment to save his tail which otherwise would have been amputated. Crusher was neutered and never used in our breeding program. Following recovery he was adopted as a beloved hairy son for:

Dr. Tonya Curtis, DVM (Mt. Dora, FL) http://pahccares.vetstreet.com/

Lily, a baby girl who was evaluated as a kitten that we’d probably have to euthanize due to growth abnormalities at a young age. However, with time and proper care, this kitten is now a normal Maine Coon girl living with a sister and a brother helping to make a happy home happier! See her on our Placed Aristocats page! Look for the Enchanted Forest Litter!

12 week old kittens (Einstein and Franklin), well adjusted and well fed, but daily supplementation was required to have this end result. Here they are shown happily waiting on the vet to be approved for placements in their new homes! Both of them passed their evaluations and health screenings with flying colors and got a whole lot of compliments from the staff!

Thank you for visiting RoyalLions Maine Coon Cats! My name is Jane Austen. I was raised by three girls who knew they could get their mother to keep me if they gave me the same name of “Jane”. The plan worked and now I am an upcoming queen. I love to head butt my people like my daddy, Count Blackula, and I’m in love with life… as you can see I am only 4 months here and I am not afraid to keep this big lion in his place!

Text Box: RoyalLions:  850-443-9765  
Email: royallions@comcast.net
Visit us on FACEBOOK
We are hobby breeders with a human family too and other responsibilities so due to the volume of inquiries, please allow a few days for us to respond to voicemail and/or emails, sometimes we can call right back. We look forward to possibly having you as part of our extended hairy family!

What greater gift than the love of a cat”  Charles Dickens



Charlie soon after arriving in

Dallas, Texas

Fireheart already in love on the way to Jacksonville, FL

BearPaw during pick up and then several weeks later with his new buddy “River” in Houston, Texas

Newton now in Pennsylvania

No longer an empty nester! Cheetah Puff & Squirrel Girl now in Palm Beach, FL

Extending their family with two female Maine Coons who adore them. Mango and Dragonlet now in Dover, FL

GIRL POWER ~ Dr. Masiello and Family of Tampa, FL add 2 Female Coonies to their home: Silky and Coco...shortly after pickup

Fweddie Munster finds a big fan in Valdosta GA!

JungleLila at only 14 weeks with her new AKC German Police Dog . She goes to work with dad and helps man the office at

Marino Performance Motors of Palm Beach, FL

Marino Motors

CheeseFry makes a new friend in Tampa, FL

Zoey  Princess with mom in Tampa, FL

Batman (who “was” the runt of the Conspiracy litter (a large unusual litter of nine) with his new buddy in Missouri.

Batman overly confident in his new home!

On left: Katniss with her new sister in Melbourne Beach, FL and above on the couch w/ big brother!

On right, and below,  the esteemed “General Grant” in Oregon. Mom and Dad bought him his own pedestal and it’s gone to his head!

Katniss admires her big furry gloves! Melbourne Beach, FL

“Where in the hell is my dinner?”

Two Most Beloved Mischievous Hairy Kids: Worf (on left) and Lucy of the Conspiracy Litter now in Winter Park, FL

Some are just plain “Smarty Pants”

Herbie also on left internet shopping in  Seabrook, TX


Herbie  with sissy Cindee Loo Hoo who went home together to Seabrook, TX

A Happy Dad again. Princess Aruba just arriving to Franklin, TN

Thrilled with their 1st FEMALE Maine Coon. Furalina Jolie in Pensacola, FL

Dragonlet Girl is excited that Madi is home from school!

The Maine Coon….The Ideal Family Pet!  The only true native American Breed, Maine’s State Animal...the World’s Largest Domestic Breed known as the Gentle Giant….an American Legend Worthy of Admiration and Preservation!

A few of our show awards!

Akila with mom at pickup and now she is her kitchen helper in Tampa, FL. 

Brown Ticked Tabby Female

Red Rider now in Tampa, FL

Uncommon Red Tabby Female accompanies mom and dad in the garden on a harness & leash


Glamorous has such a fabulous coat, she doesn't realize her tail is in the pool. Port Charlotte, FL

“The Frizz” kisses his new niece!

Meeting the Family, Jacksonville, FL

We are a secure site. In a age of dishonest and unethical internet sites and kitten mills , we are pleased to share copies of any certifications advertised on our website, including: certificates of cat titles/ awards,  MCBFA acceptance letter, TICA Outstanding Cattery Certificates, Veterinarian contact, and current kitten owner references, including those on our Hairy Tales page. Sadly many people false advertise to market their cats, what you see online is not always the real deal.


Just as we are highly concerned with where our Maine Coon kittens are placed,

you should be concerned with where your Maine Coon kitten coon kitten is from!

IW, TGC RoyalLions “Lunar Eclipse” of  Mtnest

Best of Show, Atlanta, GA.

International Winner

Triple Grand Champion

(really awesome stuff for a female competing against the males!)

Visit our Available Heirs  page for

Maine Coon Kittens or Litter Plans or our

Retired Page for possibly adopting a retired Maine Coon Cat

It’s fun having a cat that is bigger than most of our friends dogs!”



Supreme Grand Champion


RW, SGC Broadsway “Redford”

of  RoyalLions

All the Makings of an International Winner, but her show career was cut short by early cycling which affects coat and the ability to show. Despite this, RoyalLions “Big Kahuna” possesses outstanding breed conformation and has become a phenomenal mother! Her parents are: IW, SGC RoyalLions Count Blackula x Broadsway BlueElla (daughter of IW, SCG Broadsway Redding). Photos by: Helmi Flick

Love Shack at 7 months old

Photos by: Helmi Flick


Mid-Atlantic Regional Winner, Triple Grand Champion

RoyalLions “ Lunar Eclipse”of  MTNest www.mtnestcats.com

Daughter of International Winner RoyalLions

“Count Blackula”

Grand Champion Broadsway “Puma Girl” of  RoyalLions, Daughter of International Winner Mainelyclassic “Rocky” of Broadsway

 The lion, mighty among beasts, who retreats before nothing;  Proverbs 30:30

Text Box: CONGRATULATIONS to Broadsway “Caribou Beer Festival” of Cardigans who is a 

Dam: RoyalLions Feryl Streep x  Sire: Broadsway “Kibby”

Caribou in Argentina ~  Best of Breed, Best of the Best, Best of Show !!!!

RoyalLions Feryl Streep, Mother of Caribou, has above average typing!  Tall, well set ears, square muzzle, strong chin, beautiful curve to the profile, super long tail, beautiful ticked coat and expressive eyes! We are very proud of our girl and  really need to give the moms more credit :) !!!


IW, SGC RoyalLions

“Count Blackula”

Text Box: Southeast Regional Awards
Best Maine Coon Cat
Best Maine Coon Kitten
2nd Best Allbreed Kitten
5th Best Allbreed Cat
2nd Best Longhair Cat
Best Black Maine Coon
Text Box: International  Awards
23rd Best Allbreed Intl. Kitten of the Year
11th Best Maine Coon Cat
5th Best Maine Coon Kitten
2nd Best Solid Black Maine Coon
Best Solid Black Maine Coon Kitten

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Sissy loves her new momma

Racheal adopted littermates (also has Ari)

Green Cove Springs, FL

The Lord God made no greater beast than the Lion! Which means HE is the greatest of all cat fanciers!

Madden now in Dallas, Texas

has fine taste in accessories

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