It is a privilege to be accepted as FULL BREEDER MEMBERS in MCBFA (Maine Coon Breeders & Fanciers Association) and we uphold the standards of excellent breeding practices. We breed Maine Coons for many reasons: the first being our absolute love and respect for the Maine Coon, second to preserve and protect America’s only true native breed and largest domestic cat in the world with the intent of improving health while perfecting the breed standard, third to produce kittens with delightful dispositions and show quality characteristics, and last, to share the absolutely charming and amusing Maine Coon Cat as the ideal companion. Making the special connection between a kitten and its’ human is our passion and is at the heart of  our breeding program!  RoyalLions has a limited number of carefully planned breedings a year between parents of very reputable lines free of hip dysplasia and screened for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy via genetic/DNA testing and/or echocardiogram by Board Certified Veterinarian Cardiologists (not via technicians). Our ambition is to increase the gene pool of HCM and HD free Maine Coons to sustain the future livelihood of this extraordinary breed. We believe in quality Maine Coon kittens raised and placed in quality homes therefore we do not sell to pet stores nor do we ship or have kittens raised “off-site”. New parents must personally escort baby home, on some occasions we will agree to meet half way for a reasonable fee if distance is an issue. RoyalLions does not grant pet buyers breeding rights to prevent unethical care and improper housing of “whole” cats. Unaltered cats usually require very special accommodations that many just cannot provide. The placement of breeding cats must be mutually approved by our mentors and associated catteries. We intentionally limit the number of breedings a year (2 per Queen max.) so kittens are better cared for and socialized. We breed Maine Coon kittens for health, a gentle disposition, size, and type (the standards set by the cat fancy). We prefer a feral expression, that of wild lynx or bobcat that just stepped out of the woods! The disparity between the feral  expression  and sweet teddy bear disposition is what deeply attracts us to the Maine Coon cat and what pleasantly intrigues our friends and visitors!

Breeding Nobility

“ The smallest feline is a masterpiece”

...Leonardo de Vinci

Solid Black : Martin, Luther, King,

Brown Classic (Coal) Tabbies: Junior, Brach, Oreo

Born 1/19/09   MLK Day Litter


Tarzy’s Dinner Buffet


Redford the Mid-Wife  mourns over the lost kitten

Redford Comforting FirePaw

after she delivered  a single still-birth

FirePaw gives birth too 3 healthy kittens 

Her next litter, all weighing 5-6 oz.

Redford is happy again and delivers

the birth announcement!

Baby Chester, the real

deal of breeding 

Maine Coons!

Socializing Chester


Maine Coon Cats,

 Reputable Florida Maine Coon Breeder

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America’s Top Models: the  Many Looks

of our Runway Girls

“Cats often come decorated with designs that even Picasso might envy”...Paul Galico~       


The Natural Metamorphosis

of  a Maine Coon Cat ~

13 weeks

7  months old

4  weeks

11 months old in new home…..


4.1  years remaining to reach maximum maturity

5  months old

1/2 Dozen of Fun!

“Countdown to Greatness” Litter

Left to Right:   Snoopy, Snuggly, Squeaky,

Skippy, Spooky, Sassy

“In the Nick of  Time”  Litter

Born 12/31/08

RazzleDazzle, RocketMan, Rolie Polie

Scarlet O’Harris




Victoria Secret


Lunar Eclipse

Big Kahuna

The Creature


“Hurricane Gang” Litter :

Thunder, SunKiss, RipTide

Born on the 1st Day of Hurricane Season  6/1/10


“A Mother’s Love”

FirePaw and Baby Thunder

A Sneak Peek into the Birthing  Ward …  and Hands-On Socialization…..Ssshhh!!!

Head Nurse

“Cats… never strike a pose that isn’t photogenic.”

                  ~  Lillian Jackson Brown

Everybody Needs

a Good Nap!

Cream Puff

Feryl Streep



First  Thunderstorm

A Boy’s First Kiss

A drink for the road.

BlueElla still nursing at 16 weeks!

Proud Puma with 6 baby Panthers!


With the joy of kittens born we also experience the incredible but inescapable grief of those few lost to birth defects. We never give up on them until the Lord takes them in his own timing and we always involve our veterinarian.  We never stop loving them nor do we forget them. Brown Bear (aka Stumpy, above) and Arabella, our one eyed pirate girl below, will live in our hearts forever and we shall meet again….and they will be in perfect form!

THE MEMORY  of the ones lost that take a piece of our heart….

Nothing in this life is eternal  except LOVE”

Surprise Egg Nog 





“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens that, whatever you say to them, they always purr”  

..Lewis  Carroll

The Toddler Stage  (SilverBells Litter)

“God’s Greatest Creation Besides Man is the Cat,  why the

Lion is the King of  the Jungle!”    

Baby Beretta

Hungry Jack gets Butterfly Kisses!

Kitty Glam: Furalina Jolie, Cindee Clawford,

Sean Coonery, Feryl Streep

How Hershey Kiss got his Name!


Furalina Jolie


Cindee Clawford (Dede)



The Female Maine Coon Cat, unlike other species in the animal kingdom, come in a more vast array of dramatic colors than the male cat! For instance, you cannot have a male  torbie or tortie as seen on right.

“the Creature” Black Silver Smoke Girl

“SilverBelle” Black/Silver Tabby Girl

“SilverBullet” Black Silver Classic Tabby Boy

“the Creature” ~ Black Silver Smoke Girl

“SilverStar” Black/Silver Tabby Girl

“More Pictures?”

Batman, the runt who was told he’d never make it…

but he did! He also ended up as one of the biggest in the litter after going home.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

“just don’t hurt me”

The Holiday Treats” Litter   ….

Our beloved “Batman”  defied the odds and was worth losing all that sleep! Boy, was he hard to let go of!

Above ~ 1 Day Old

Bullet wanting snuggles

Grete in toy heaven!

Planning an Escape

Lily was born with a growth abnormality that stunned doctors. It was suggested that we euthanize her at a young 3 weeks old (shown on left) as she would hypothetically have a lifetime of bladder and kidney issues. Instead, we took her home, gave her a chance to develop and enjoy being part of her litter. By 16 weeks she was brought back to the vet for a follow up exam and all of her  physiological defects has disappeared. Lily passed all of her testing and later went home with her  sister/littermate Buttercup and another RoyalLions(Tatertot) and is living a full life in Jacksonville with her new mom who offered to do whatever she could for Lily even before she was healed.

A leap of faith………

But, MIRACLES can still happen !

Below: Buttercup provided moral support during Lily’s vet visits. They always went together and now reside in  the same home as forever siblings. We are grateful to Brandi Epperson for being a human mom that provides total unconditional love!

Perhaps, this was a miracle. Perhaps, we believe in the impossible, the chance that God can heal and make things better even with our pets. This is never a possibility for God if you snuff out a life prematurely”

It has been said that the feline is the best example of motherhood of any species. During our breeding program we have witnessed the incredible bond a female cat has for her young, the protective instinct, their role in discipline and socialization and their innate desire to care for their young beyond what is imaginable. It’s been truly a blessing to witness this fascinating dance between mother and baby as each kitten matures and develops into its own  beautiful being and why we keep ours longer so that we don’t force premature weaning or interfere with the natural letting go process. We have seen  our kittens more ready to fly on moving day, more confident and well adjusted and better able to bond with the next family, and we have seen stronger immunity and health!

Our beautiful Bella Enchanted on far right with her two daughters: Coco and Silky of our “Dark Sugar” litter. Bella has been retired and is now living with her two girls in Tampa, FL where she is a beloved family member. We are grateful to Dr. John Masiello and Diane Masiello, Ph,D and their two sweet daughters for opening their home to Bella whom we cherished with all of our hearts and had such a hard time letting go of. But, we knew she would be better in a home of her own where she would receive much more individual love and attention.

Coco & Silky while they were with us.

On right, at the vet!

Sweet Motherhood...

Going Home! To Tampa!

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‘No Papparazzi!”

Daughters and Mother (far right) all reside together now with Dr. John Masiello and Diane Masiello, Ph.D in Tampa, FL . The minute they heard that momma Bella was retiring, they jumped at the chance of providing the mother of their two girls a forever home.