The Royal Castle

As a family hobby and lifestyle, RoyalLions is a small high quality Florida Maine Coon breeder that raises and shows Championship Maine Coons in TICA.� We are honored to have been properly mentored by �Broadsway Cats� who have 30 years of reputable experience in the Cat Fancy producing dozens of Regional and International Winners including OS, IW, SGC Redding who sired TICA�s 2007 #1 Cat in the World, �MTNest Midnight Cowboy�.� During a two year period of mentorship, we became educated, showed cats as a hobby, and slowly started our own cattery after submitting a formal cattery design plan that had to be approved before we could buy breeding cats. This is the most respected and ethical manner in which to start a reputable breeding program. We have now produced FOUR INTERNATIONAL WINNERS ourselves.� International Wins are the most difficult and highest distinction a cat can earn in the Cat Fancy where cats are objectively evaluated for breed conformation, structure, disposition and must fall in the top 25 kittens or cats (depending upon the class) in the World out of 72 breeds� and thousands showing internationally at the conclusion of a show year. RoyalLions� COUNT BLACKULA and RoyalLions LUNAR ECLIPSE of� MTNest, a solid black male and female, obtained these prestigious titles. In 2016, we campaigned our beautiful blue silver outcross Cloistercoon GRAYMOOR of RoyalLions and he became an International Winner. In 2017, after retiring Count Blackula who successfully sired for 8 years� (like his father) with proven health and reliability, we showed his son, a dark chocolate brown ticked tabby named COUNT CHOCULA.� He rose to the top of the rankings in the kitten class and earned the� distinction of the No. 1 MAINE COON KITTEN in the WORLD for 2017, and 4th ALLBREED. Later, he became the 8th best Maine Coon in the Adult Championship Class despite a very reasonable show schedule where he wasn't stressed or excessively shown to his detriment as showing extensively can be stressful on a feline.


Regionally, we have a number of Southeast Regional and #1/Best Maine Coon Cat Winners: CascadeMtn� LOVE SHACK of RoyalLions and RoyalLions COUNT BLACKULA , RoyalLions COUNT CHOCULA, and Clositercoon GRAYMOOR. Other Regional Winners include: RoyalLions JEWEL THEIF of Tanstaafl and RoyalLions VICTORIA SECRET of Broadsway. Our Broadsway REDFORD of RoyalLions is a two-time Southeast Regional Award Winner in the Alter Class, we have also produced a good number of Grand Champions too. We refrain from using unhealthy� inbreeding� practices that guarantee type just to win shows nor do we utilize growth hormones to size up our cats to market and exploit the breed. Excessive weight can stress the heart and joints, besides, it�s cheating! Health and Disposition are priority and the Maine Coon can take 5 years to fully mature so size can never be guaranteed. Sadly, we have seen many giant unhealthy, overfed , diabetic Maine Coons with heart and health problems.


Despite achievements in the show world, our primary goal remains steadfast: though we live in a relatively modest home, our cats believe they reside in a castle! With multiple cat trees and custom window perches in every room �the lions� occupy the best seats in the house and enjoy a special freedom many breeding cats are not afforded. We refrain from using outside kennels, garages, crates or isolation areas nor do we raise kittens �off-site� which is becoming common. Our sires roam free in their designated domain within our home and a secure outdoor play yard customized keep their muscularity and minds stimulated. They are included in family life yet appropriately segregated from breeding females. We agree with the philosophy of an exclusive indoor life because it prevents outdoor threats including: parasites, contagious diseases such as Feline Aids & Leukemia, wild/rabid predators, and vehicles. In addition, indoor life significantly enhances socialization and bonding leading to cats that become very childlike and emotionally  attached. Our Maine Coons join us in just about every activity we do including family vacations necessitating our permanent litter box in the back of our vehicles. They have freedom to all living areas and are full family members with nicknames, self-declared chill-out spots, and their own personal china. Our �Redford� in fact has his own stool at our dinner table. We feel a cat has a natural right to  the finer things in life and making these accommodations is a privilege for in return they reward us with astounding love and affection!  To meet us, scroll to the very bottom.

We asked  for the Grey Poupon!

Nursery of Nine

The  Royal  Treatment,

Dallas� Day Spa!

Belle of the Ball

First Date

What kitty bed?

You might  just want to eat on your lap!

But we too are collectibles!

CinderPaw and son Count Blackula

RoyalLions  Scarlet O�Harris

 Choco Bear

MTNest �Eliza�� Visiting


Visiting MTNest

�Riva Gauche�

Getting Hugs from

the Staff!

Home Alone

Cooper & Maxwell

Santa, is that you?

Maxwell, Ruskin, Cooper�

We even have little stairs going

into our  sandboxes!

 Baby Creature

Attack of  the Bed Linens !

(RoyalLions Silver Bullet)

Mid-Day Movie

Tarzanna with kittens  Belle & Star

While Your at Petsmart, Pick Me Up 

Some  More Toys!�� The Creature


Attack of the Field Mouse

RoyalLions  Silver Star

Silver Star Steals the Scenery

Creature Admiring  her Mother 

Tarzanna on  the Internet!

The Creature Shopping for Shoes

While Demanding  a Credit Increase

Text Box: Inside the RoyalLions 
Kitten Nursery

Suicidal  Maxwell and

Velcro  Kitty Cooper

Two for  Tea

Interactive Television

Attack of the Vacuum

RoyalLions Thunder

Kitten Nursery� 1/2 of Room shown

Flower Children

Look Mommy, I can use the

big kitty potty now

3 Elves on a Shelf

Sometimes it�s better to have NO  friends! 

Maui Nix

Girls Playing House

Girl�s Night Out

 Victoria, Cream Puff, Nutter Butter,

Reese & BlueBelle

Your chicken sandwich is gone?

Surfs Up Crew� Maui Nix,

Ron Jon, Big Kahuna

The Stress Free Life at RoyalLions

Silver Bullet soliciting belly kisses!

Smokin� in the Boys Room!

Improving� the View

Colt 45 Restyling  Daddy�s Hair

at Bedtime



 Allen: Background in  Commercial Construction, Pet Integrated Home Design and Living� Solutions.

Schooling:  FSU, Florida A&M, Univ. of� Tennessee

Emphasis in Architecture.

Interest: Fishing, Hunting, Boating,  Cat Shows, Eagle Scouts, & Refiguring our Home for the� Cats.

Reaction to my first Maine Coon as a Former Dog Person: Who needs a Dog when you can have a Maine Coon!?


Janie: Background in Higher Education , FSU College of Engineering Administrator, now Full Time Lion Keeper and Forever Mother of� three daughters.

B.S. 1988  M.S. Degree 1992,� Florida State University

Interest: Environmental & Wldlife Conservation, Cycling,� Soccer,� Track & Field, Boating,� Showing & Raising� Maine Coon Kittens.


History: Adopted an MC Mix in College. �Maverick� was the best cat we ever encountered. It made us wonder how much better a pure bred Maine Coon might be. Years later we� attended a Cat Show and was mesmerized.� After doing much research for the right breeder, three months later we purchased our 1st pedigree Maine Coon. We were instantly hooked after his adjustment into our home. Then we purchased a few more! We spent several years studying the breed, the science behind� animal husbandry and� proper housing , and showing the breed in TICA. We were properly mentored by a very reputable breeder and paid our dues to begin a well educated breeding program. Our respect and love for the breed is shown through our commitment to provide a standard of life exceeding most of today�s catteries. We are enamoured by their� affectionate and entertaining dispositions, the unique character of each individual kitten much like children who are never identical, and the presence they provide in a home making it truly complete. We own several of our own rescues and still maintain a heart and involvement in cat rescue, locally and regionally.� We support� a good number of feline causes and research based foundations. We also have volunteered our Maine Coons to be used in test studies at the University of Florida (a� 7 hour round trip) to aid in feline focused research benefiting the health of all cats. Our Popo Chan was just used in a study, donating blood, in research aimed at identifying� genetic markers for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).� Our� deep love for all felines� is the basis for what we do though we regard the Maine Coon breed as the KING of ALL CATS!� We love the fact that the breed is not a man-made breed or� fashion breed but one of native American descent. It is ordinarlity not cross bred (and should not be) with any other breed making it a truly beautiful domesticated� pure bred worthy of preservation. Our goal is providing� companions that have the greatest� potential� to� bring laughter and companionship, fill a void, and complete a family. Our hope is that our� kittens� impact lives in a very profound way and return the love a human provides! We are� forever connected in a very special way to� many incredible families all over the country by bloodlines and fur!

Beretta for President!

Where�s my  masseuse

The Eating Machines (clockwise starting top left) WildFire, Hungry Jack, SunnyD, Hamburglar, MooseTrax, CheeseFry

HersheyKiss, SweetTart, GummyBear

King of his People

RoyalLions CheeseFry

Ooouch, he bit me!


Text Box: �For a person deserving of  their Friendship, they pour out a really deep and beautiful affection!       Carl Van Vetches

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The Food Inspector insisting that we open it t

o check the contents

Text Box: A Little About the 
Lion Keepers

Showing one of our Kittens

Text Box: The Queens� Sleeping Quarters  �.

An essential part of our program, our� amazing Veterinarian (on right)

Dr. Norm Girggs , DVM with Assistant Marie and� a Cougar cub,� resident of the Tallahassee Natural History Museum. Dr. Griggs is one of the most skilled animal surgeons in the U.S. He was also selected to vet the Alaskan Iditerod team in 2017 and 2018, only the highest qualified vets are selected. He has perfomed successful Stem Cell Transplants, one of which was done on� a Florida Panther who had serious hip dysplacia, later she was returned to the Tallahassee Natural History Museum where she lives an active and pain free life.� He refused to accept payment :)

Text Box: Trading Places
Dr. Griggs on the Examining Table with  our Popo Chan.  So he can really understand the true perspective of a cat!

�There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats�

� Albert Schweitzer

Text Box: The Kings� Sleeping Quarters & Play Area

An Integral Part of our Program, Meet our Veterinarian� of

Shepherd Spring Animal Hospital