Hairy Tales ~ Testimonials

“I wanted to thank you and your family for raising such a wonderful kitty as Oreo.  I cannot believe that he has been part of our family for almost three months now.  He is growing lots and now weighs about 12+ lbs.  When I saw Oreo at the cat show (in Raleigh), I was just amazed by his beautiful marbling and his  extremely gentle nature with your daughters.  Everyone that has come into our home and met Oreo has commented on how beautiful he is and what a wonderful temperament he has!  He is so loving and constantly wants to be involved in the family activities. His favorite times seem to be my son’s story time at night and bath time.  The only thing that could possibly be better than one of your wonderful kitties would be a few more!


I also wanted to say how much we appreciate all of your advice.  This was our first Maine Coon and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions.  I really have enjoyed all the advice and follow-up you provide for new parents.  I wish you and all the Royal Lions continued success!”

“It’s tail was a plume of such magnificence that it almost

wore the cat.”

                             - Hugh Leonard

 “In February of 2010 our much loved, 18  year old Siamese cat died. Our family was devastated. We wanted another cat with a warm loving personality who enjoyed people. We then remembered my brother's two wonderful Maine Coons and decided to investigate the breed. Soon we discovered RoyalLions via the internet. The next day I called Janie and she listened as I mourned the loss of our cat.  She was so kind, listening to me go on and on (I was a perfect stranger) and answered all  my questions regarding Maine Coons. In March a litter was born. Janie and I chatted about the personality traits my family was looking for. Quickly, it was apparent that she wanted both her kittens and their new parents to be happy and the only way to do this was to know the needs of the family.  She also really studied and understood the disposition of each kitten. When we visited RoyalLions and went into the spotless kitten nursery, Janie picked up Snuggly (renamed “Yorky”  after our favorite town in Maine) and said “this is the kitten  made for you” and then told us why. What a wonderful way to find an animal. We didn’t have to make a decision based on a 1 hour visit with 6 active kittens! She knew the  perfect fit! The day we took Yorky home we figured that she would hide under the bed for hours, possibly days,  while adjusting to her new home.  How wrong we were. She came into the house sniffed for the better part of thirty minutes, sat down in front of my husband and me with a look that said, "This place smells fine and I think you two are O.K. too, let's play."  That was the adjustment period.  She is our constant companion --  always watching us, sometimes trying to help, is very well behaved,  funny and always loving. She is the perfect fit for our family! We are extremely  happy with her and believe  she is happy with us!

 “Approximately one year ago , our 17 year old cat had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure. We were devastated and wanted eventually to get another cat.  Having been exposed to a Maine Coon cat at one of our relatives homes at Christmas, this was the breed we decided we wanted! We went online and looked at several different catteries, and after speaking to Janie Harris at RoyalLions , we were basically sold on purchasing one of their  Maine Coon kittens.  We went to their home and we were very impressed with not only the cleanliness, but the affection they displayed towards all  their animals . We  were positive this would lead to a better personality and behavior in a new kitten. 


We picked up our new boy, now named Bailey, from RoyalLions in June.  He is absolutely wonderful; the disposition of the  Maine Coon is exceptional!  Bailey is  affectionate,  intelligent, and playful; We are very much in love with him! Our Bailey enjoys playing hide-and-seek with our family and taking his turn to exercise on our treadmill which is unbelievably cute. He has continually gained weight since we brought him home and is very healthy.  Many times we have either called or emailed Janie in order to get advice on diet,  behavior,  or other issues concerning this breed and she has always been there to help. Without hesitation,  I would recommend RoyalLions to anyone searching for a high quality, well adjusted  Maine Coon kitten!”  



“Ah, Miss Puffy, where to begin...... We were blessed enough to have her join our family (1 Sheltie and 3 male Maine Coons) in Jan. 2010.  I had always wanted a cream female, but realized they are hard to find. I contacted a breeder in Atlanta and she highly recommended RoyalLions. I called Janie and found that she had my "dream cat", a cream female. My first impression of  RoyalLions was “wow, they loves her cats as much as we do!” We wanted Puffy  but she had a stubborn ear infection. Janie was very open & honest about Puffy’s health and actually wanted to get it cleared up before we came to Fla. to pick her up. After many phone calls between Janie,  myself and both her veterinarian and ours in Birmingham, we were able to talk Janie into letting us have her. Janie had to be totally assured Puffy would receive continued treatment. We drove to Florida to meet Janie and Allen; I'm so glad they approved of us and allowed us to take our girl home.  While departing,  Janie had tears in her eyes, she obviously spent considerable time with Puffy & loved her very much. I felt so bad for her, but very happy to have our new baby girl; this was our very first Maine Coon female!!!


After Puffy’s brief  initial adjustment,  she met the  3 "Big Boys", she fit right in! I’ve always had males and wondered about the temperament of the Maine Coon female. Well that question was answered quickly, she is both a love bug and a clown! She chases the boys around the house and then snuggles next to us on the couch and follows us from room to room!  She is now 11 months old and turning into such a beauty. She is  truly Princess Puffy.  Thanks Janie, Allen and girls for raising such a wonderful, LOVING cat and for allowing her to be ours!”

Princess Puffy with big brother  “Oliver”

Bandit with his new baby sister

We cannot thank you enough for all three of our fur kids! We love them dearly and they bring joy to our lives every moment of every day! Their temperament is sweet and their personalities are incredible. They truly have the Maine Coon “dog-like nature”, but they are better than a dog! We came home with 2 amazing girls, BlueBelle and Reese, in December. Not long after that we realized we wanted a third Maine Coon. (They are very addicting!) Janie recommended a male to compliment the two girls we already had. We had met Red Snapper when picking up the girls so when we heard he was available we were delighted. He's become a wonderful and affectionate brother for BlueBelle and Reese AND a very close companion. I can't describe how much joy all three of them bring to our lives.  Thank you again. We love our babies!”

Rear-View Photos:  Courtesy of  Redford, Big Kahuna, &  Queenie


 the big brother!

 “What would Dad do

without  my  help?”

“Our journey to Janie and Allen’s front door began in late summer 2010 at a time when we were experiencing considerable grief, and concluded in the spring of 2011 with a regained feeling of happiness we thought lost forever. My husband and I had lost our 20 year old Persian and our 18 year old Maine Coon. In a state mourning, we had decided we would not get another kitten because it was just too hard to bear the loss.  Then on a Sunday afternoon drive we saw a  sign that read—CAT SHOW.  We debated about going in knowing our hearts were in “shaky condition,” but decided to attend the TICA Southeast Show in Franklin, TN.  I don’t know if meeting Janie that day was fate, luck, destiny, divine intervention, or by chance but I do know it was a very special day that set our hearts and minds in a new direction.  Janie began to talk to us about her Cattery - her beautiful cats, the way they were raised in a home atmosphere with her daughters and husband’s involvement, and the care and nurturing her kittens received. We were also impressed by the overall quality of screening, not only for her cats but in all aspects of her program, including prospective parents.  The most important thing that happened that day, was Janie listened to our story and understood our situation and needs.  We discussed her prospective litters and the possibility of a kitten for us.  After this first meeting, I spent many hours talking with Janie about the expected kittens. It became clear to us that Janie was considering the kitten’s personality as well as their physical state in making decisions regarding placement and so our reservation was made.  It was our job to pick a name, Janie with her expertise would pick our kitten.  We trusted her completely.  In the Spring of 2011, we drove to Florida to pick up our new family member – we named him RUSKIN.  RoyalLions was as we expected, a hygienic and integrated environment for the cats with the family and some of the most beautiful cats we have ever seen! We are home now with the most perfect kitten ever.  Changes abound—toys scattered throughout the house, food dishes strategically placed, water fountains humming, six foot scratching post accenting family antiques,----but the  most significant change has been the sound of purring and laughter and the feeling of love and happiness returning to a quiet empty house!”


Update: Remington was added to the Springer Family in September 2010 so that Ruskin would have a brother.  The two boys have become inseparable companions and now complete the Springer home!                                            

King of the Coffee Table  (Bailey @ 1 Year)

“Whadaya Mean, Where’s Dad?”

Red Nails For Christmas

(SoftPaws, Vinyl Nail Caps)

Google:  “SoftPaws”  Online

Kim & Don Peck                               “Knight Wolf”                          Bremington, WA

Debbie G.                        Snappy & Reese & Belle                           Orlando, FL

John & Laurie Moses                               “Cream Puff”                           Birmingham, AL

Gary & Gail Wilkes                          “Bailey”      (was Snoopy)                Panama City Beach, FL

John & Chary Root                          “Yorky”      (was Snuggly)                          Tallahassee, FL

Rand & Evelyn Springer                          “Ruskin”   and   “Remington”                              Brentwood, TN

Kim Thompson                      “Oreo”                   Wake Forest, NC

On Left, Count Blackula kissing

his daughter goodbye

Mike & Kari Crowder                               “Minky”     (was Squeaky)              Tallahassee, FL

About Our  Minky  ~


She is really beautiful! All of my friends and family comment on what an amazing cat she is. Even the non-cat people just love her! Best comment yet from a friend of mine last night, "Minky is the only cat I will pick up!" If not for all of my friends being poor, broke teachers, you would have many of them beating down your door for the glowing remarks I have mentioned about your cats! They all adore Minky, not just for her beauty, but her amazing personality! She is playful, curious, and active! She does not shy away from visitors, she actually likes to be seen. There is no hiding with Minky! She is a pretty amazing girl!

A Perfect Maine Coon Profile

Minky is a  natural beauty, a Brown Ticked Tabby,

a similar coat resembling a Florida Panther

Marvin & Lee Cook                          Grayson,  Lady Marmalade  &  Mango                     Shell Point, FL

We became acquainted with the Maine Coon breed when a little stray, Nina, found her way into our hearts. In our journey as cat lovers, we wanted another Maine Coon. They are a wonderful breed, loving, smart, great companions, and can be quite big! In our search for another Maine Coon we came across Royal Lions. They were conveniently located to our weekend  home just south of Tallahassee on the coast.  Our beautiful blue boy, Grayson, was the first cat we obtained from Janie. Formerly known as Blueberry, he is now 16 pounds and still growing.  During the process of selecting and waiting for a kitten, we became friends of the Harris family, both human and furry. Because RoyalLions is a small, home oriented cattery with well socialized cats roaming freely, when we wanted to add to our family, we knew we wanted a RoyalLions’ kitten! Though we wanted a red boy initially, none in the litter would be available. In the meantime, we fell in love with a torbie girl we named Lady Marmalade. Then, lo and behold, the fates changed and a red boy became available! What a dilemma!  How to choose? Of course, we took home both! Mango is our  red classic tabby boy - have you ever seen a more beautiful example of the Maine Coon ear tufts and sweet face? Now we have three! Royal Lions is a great choice for healthy, loving, and beautiful kitties!

I first met Allen and Janie at a cat show in Tampa. It was my third show, and I was looking for that special connection, people who really had a passion for Maine Coons. I'd e-mailed and talked to many breeders already, but knew right away I would be a RoyalLions customer, if I was worthy that is. It's not easy to find breeder's who truly care about their cats, and are not just cat farmers in it for the money. They care greatly about the breed, it's future, proper diet, and even incorporate immunity boosters, probiotics & supplements into their diets. They simply don’t cut corners! Checking out there awesome cats, you'll see what a great in-home atmosphere they have developed to raise the best Maine Coons. We also chose them due to the fantastic “outside the box” feral look that many of their cats display. Our two brother and sissy gremlins (Tache and Bandit, formerly “the Creature” & “Silver Bullet”) are stunning examples for sure. We're so happy we had the opportunity to adopt siblings. We think it has reduced social stress and will greatly enhance their lives; they are best buddies for life. We absolutely love our MC'S, think RoyalLions is what great Maine Coon breeders should be, and cannot thank them  enough!  Jim Moore

Jim & Karen Moore              Tache & Bandit (were Creature & SilverBullet)           Sarasota, FL

Silver Bullet  @  14 weeks at RoyalLions 

“Real Men Love Pink”

at New Home...also known as “Blankie Boy”

and still loving pink!

Outside @ 6 months

(harness only removed for picture purposes)

Momma’s Boy!

Like father, like son. Maxwell loves to make his home on his guest’s shoulders, like his daddy Count Blackula!

“The Creature”  @ 6 months

Bananas  Over the Banana Trees!

Tom & June Wolanzyk                              Maxwell (was Pumpkin)                      Milford, Michigan

“Max is doing great!! He is growing and providing many interesting adventures for us to laugh at.  He really enjoys being outside with June and I supervising at all times. He has a great time attacking June when she walks by one of his haunts.  We take him out with us when we work in the yard or when we spend time by the lake and he is very content to stay very close by. Max has turned into a tremendous hunter of bugs, flies and other assorted insects and as you can tell by the picture a fascination with Chipmunks.  We have several rock retaining walls in the yard and the Chipmunks have a field day tunneling through them, so much so that they can destroy the walls if we’re not careful. June generally traps 3 to 4 per day for humane disposal.  Max is the first kitten that we have had that doesn’t seem to have any desire to roam and gets upset if he can’t see us for a short time. His weight is somewhere between 12 and 13 # and he continues to have a very healthy appetite for a kitten. Max took a liking to our son while he was home for a visit (see below) and acclimated well to his 120 pound Malamute dog! He’s come a long way in his acceptance of dogs and generally has a healthy respect for them but no fear!”

We had very much wanted to bring another cat into our home.  We visited the local shelter and often looked on-line hoping to find the perfect kitten.  We didn't want just any cat, especially one with "bad kitty habits."  We were relieved the day we  met Janie & Allen at a cat show. After talking to them at length about the Maine Coon breed, we just knew we had to have one of THEIR babies.  We especially fell in love with Knight Wolf.  His rugged handsome good looks, his size, those huge paws  and sweet disposition had us mesmerized from the start.  We felt that Wolfie would be the perfect addition to our family.  He seemed to have all the qualities we were looking for. Since the day we drove Wolfie home, he has brought nothing but joy to our family.  His personality and silly antics bring a smile to our face nearly every day.  Not to mention those "laugh-out-loud" moments that leave us breathless.  He is our constant companion; one who loves to be near us wherever we are. Car rides are more pleasant with Wolfie tagging along.  Wolfie's purr, the loudest we’ve ever heard, reflects how much he enjoys being loved and petted.  He is so well behaved too, which means the world to us. Wolfie and our 5 yr. old cat "Mo" have also become great companions.  Wolfie's charm and well socialized temperament won Mo over rather quickly.  It was amazing to watch Wolfie's technique as he sought to soften Mo's heart.  He was gentle, kind and submissive. Now, they play together and groom each other. We could not have asked for a more well rounded, well behaved boy than Wolfie.  Our previous anxieties are gone! It is a relief and a delight to know that Wolfie was raised and nurtured with love.  It shows in his entire being.  He truly is beautiful inside and out! Thank you, Janie and Allen.  You too, girls!  We are so grateful that God brought you into our lives.  We are enjoying the fruits of your labor and have nothing but praise and admiration for you.  What your doing for the breed is wonderful and Wolfie is a strong reflection of your hard work and dedication!  We will recommend  RoyalLions, to anyone looking for a quality breeder and the "purrfect" kitten!”             

Kathy & Jim Holland                             Cooper  (was JellyRoll)                          Tallahassee, FL

We have a 7 year-old white Maine Coon who does not have the wonderful disposition that Cooper has and I can only believe that the breeder is the difference! You certainly have high standards and it shows in your cats. Cooper is a wonderful cat, his personality and temperament is like no other cat we have ever had! He is also extremely happy and wants to play all the time. He wants to "help" with everything except the vacuuming. He likes to play in the water with his front paws and must have the cleanest paws in town. He still likes to roll on his back, especially in the bath tub.  Cooper has only two speeds, full speed ahead and napping.  He also gets along great with our dog. Words don’t really express how wonderful he is. Thank you for adding such a  sweet  addition to our home!”


Reese & Baby BlueBelle  (Littermates)

REMINGTON @ 7 Months Old

RUSKIN  After Arriving to his 4-Ever Home

Couch Potatoes

Lady Marmalade


The Silver Gremlins...Partners in Crime

Hey Janie,
“I am not a person that is much for writing testimonies for people, but Kacie and I believe that it would be a disservice because
Beretta has made such a profound impact on our family. Back in February of this year (2011) if you would have promised Kacie and I that you’d give us a kitten who would be an active family member, I would have thought you were lying. Beretta has made our family whole. Her personality is one that we believe that could not be recreated if you tried. She is entertaining, loving, gentle, self-assured, tough, and most of all perfect in every way. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that the breeder makes

a big difference on the personality of the cat. Your care, love, and environment that you provide for your kittens is unmatched in comparison to other cat breeders Kacie and I researched. Kacie, Jayden, Jameson, and I are happy to have had the opportunity to receive a RoyalLions Kitten. When Beretta lets us know she is ready for a new sibling, we will definitely come back to RoyalLions. Thank you Janie for making the process of adopting a baby Maine Coon a pleasant and painless one. Also one last thing, Kacie and I thank you, your husband, and

daughters for the hospitality you showed us when we arrived. Your family took us in like

you have known us forever and that’s hard to find nowadays. Thank you!”
Justin, Kacie, Jayden, and Jameson

          Justin & Kacie Poole                                                  Beretta                                    Sarasota, FL               

A Live Scarf...On the Way Home

Napping Between Car Seats

Instant Family Member

First Day at Home

Beretta Goes to the Day Spa to have her Nails Done!  Beretta in “Soft Paws”

Bath Tub

Fun for Beretta!

Janie ~
Bugatti (aka Mr. Cheeks)  is great! He weighs 6.5 lbs. already and just got home. He goes to work now because we are remodeling the house and I don't want anything to happen with contractors in and out all day.
He loves the office and is fearless!  He sleeps on my head and loves to cuddle at night while we watch TV. I have several people ask where I got him and I give them your website information. We are extremely pleased with our new Maine Coon kitten!

                                                                 Nancy  Adams, DVM


          Dan & Nancy Adams, DVM                 Bugatti (was Mr. Cheeks)                      Seabrook, TEXAS               

Left: Beretta has almost a human face here and above a very feral/ wild look. She is blessed with a family who adores her and maintains her with excellence in every area. We can’t thank Kacie, Justin, and their boys enough!

On the way to work with his new mom…. to the vet office!


I want to thank you and your whole family for allowing us to adopt beauty queen Royal Lions Chloe...Furalina Jolie not only is a looker but smart enough to be enrolled at M.I.T. After watching our resident kitties, Mattie and Paddy work our automatic kitchen water faucet only a few times, she now does it herself at the very young age of 18wks old. This  smart and agile Wonder Woman girl is also so very loving and loves to snuggle her warm body on top of my head while she allows me to "share" my pillow with her at night while she gets her beauty rest and I attempt to get mine as she purrs loudly and gives me snuggly kisses.... 


All the massive effort, time, and soul you all pour into each of your kitties shows glaringly to others. Our Wegie boss cat Mattie is a hard marker and we worried about him accepting Chloe but from the first day he fell in love with her, as did MC Paddy shortly later. All our fur children love the bamboo door Allen made for them. Our vet also is amazed with Chloe and wanted your business card. I would gladly recommend you as TOP notch to any serious MC buyer. You all made the kitten breeder experience so very pleasant and your spotless house is perfectly suited to your kitties needs. We are also honored that you consider us to be friends as well.


----Ben and Donna Clark

          Ben & Donna Clark                                 Chloe (was Furalina Jolie)                             Pensacola, FL             

 Gorgeous  Kitchen Décor that purrs!

My wife Betsye and I send our sincere thanks to Janie Harris and her cattery “RoyalLions Maine Coons”. We had lost our old pal “QP” years ago, and we vowed to go petless to avoid the pain. Finally, we relented and after some head scratching, decided to go with a Maine Coon. We located Janie on the internet, made our introductions, and took our Star home. She has been a delight for a couple of old folks …. She took over from day one, never had a single bathroom accident (thanks again, Janie!). She has us both pretty well trained, so she gets what she wants when she wants it. I could go on and on … she is just a great pet, superbly reared and prepared by RoyalLions!


Mike Greener

Betsye & Mike Greener                          SilverStar (aka “Star”)                           Thomasville, GA       

We are so very happy with our brown tabby Maine Coon kitten. He is the sweetest and friendliest kitten we have ever had. He just loves to be picked up (when he is not playing), kissed on, hugged and carried around anytime. We feel the way RoyalLions houses and socializes their kittens is the reason for his very special personality and loving nature. Also, well kept parents of the kittens have outstanding dispositions, all of them approached us, no hiding under beds! We went to visit TBow at 8 weeks of age and could hardly believe the outstanding set up they have, none of the cats are isolated or in cages. The breeding males have their own domains, but it’s in the central part of the house with bright windows and climbers and they are never isolated. They too are family. Each litter is  raised separately not exposed to adult cats for health and safety with the family caring for them constantly .The environment is very clean and sanitary, cleaner than many homes w/ no pets! I couldn’t believe the amount of work and caring they put into what they do! We will never buy a kitten from anyone else! From the start we had a great experience and now have an ongoing friendship. We absolutely  love our Maine Coon kitten Tbow and he loves us! 

Patricia & Jack R. Jones                        Tbow (aka Hershey Kiss)            Leesburg, FL    

Batcat is a dream!  I read almost all the testimonials and realize that my household is a little different than most.  There is so much going on and so much to do here...that Batcat is very busy. He LOVES our other cat and has bonded with him.  He and Harley wrestle and chase each other all around the house, up and down the stairs, taunting the dog, and then both crash.  I try not to hold  him against his will, but when I do, he is always polite and always purrs. Last night I sat with him for at least an hour, just the two of us.  I mugged him up and he patted me with those velvet paws and washed my face. What a little lover!!  OMG!!  I need 30 hours in every day to enjoy my good fortune! P.S. He IS magnificent, Janie….everything you said he would be...even more.  He has a lot of moxie, too.  Bold, but soooo sweet.  A true gentle giant!!  We just adore him!!

Richard & Heather Lowe                       BATMAN (aka BatCat)                          Grain Valley, MO

Baby Tbow shortly after

going to his new home!



Batman has a very big fan!

Batman at RoyalLions helping 1st human mom schedule vet appointments.

Batman  @ 6.5 months ~

A kitten we were told would never make it due to no sucking reflex. Day and night we nursed him with a bottle and gradually taught him to eat on his own, what a precious gift to see him thrive and make a happy home happier!

Left: after Batman finally learning

 to eat on his own!

Batman telling momma Tarz

it’s time to get up!

Helping wrap presents!

Attached is a cute picture of Truett and Ritz snuggling.  He is such a lover!!!!  It is obvious the amount of love and care you have for the kittens, it shines through in their sweet personality.  We could not be happier with Ritz. He is such a gentleman and makes it

hard to get anything accomplished. :)


Rachel C. Hollis

Rachel Hollis                         HUNGRY JACK (aka Ritz)                            Tallahassee, FL

Dear Janie,


Now there are cats, and then there are MAINE COON CATS.  It’s been nearly a year since my wife boarded a plane from Portland, Oregon to Tallahassee, Florida to pick up our kitten from “The Conspiracy Litter”.  After a year with this little guy in our home, there is something new I have learned: there are Maine Coons, and then there are ROYALLION MAINE COONS!


Our journey began a couple of years ago after we had to put-down our Callie—a dear ol’ gal who had been with us for 23 years.  In considering our next cat purchase, we knew someone who had two Maine Coons, and we thought we’d like the breed. In addition, I was wrapping up my final year before retirement as the CEO of a company in Portland, and I used some extra time I had to do a lot of research. Without reservation, we decided that we would get two Maine Coon kittens, and I put a deposit down on the first kitten with a breeder in California; let’s call her “Breeder A”.  (And here is where I was about to learn the most important thing of all when it comes to buying an animal that can cost some serious bucks.) I then contacted another California breeder, “Breeder B”, for our second kitten.  Breeder B was really terrific, and would ultimately refer me to “Breeder C”, and that would be you folks at Royal Lions. The important lesson I learned from Breeder B was to be very careful in selecting a breeder from which to buy a kitten.  As diplomatically as she could possibly be, she recommended that I more thoroughly consider my purchase from Breeder A. That red flag scared the hell out of me and resulted in a full-on investigation not only of Breeder A, but also of Breeder B and ultimately of Royal Lions. My research turned up a number of areas of concern regarding Breeder A  (I cancelled my order from this breeder) while it filled me with great confidence and excitement in buying a kitten from Breeder B and then from Royal Lions.


Now, Janie, we have many friends out here in the beautiful Northwest, and all scratch their heads wondering what could have possessed us to buy a kitten whose owner required us to fly clear across the United States to pick up the little darlin’ in person. The reason was clear enough to us, however:  MAINE COONS and ROYALLIONS!


So how has our experience been over the past year?  Well, first of all, your readers must know that our two Maine Coons are named General Lee and General Grant, with General Grant coming our of Royal Lions.  While we really adore them both, my wife and I would agree that we have a favorite son….., make that a favorite general…..and that would be General Grant, The PET of all PETS! His stunning good looks, piercing eyes, and with fur as soft as one would expect the hair to be on Tinker Bell’s head, are all physical traits that make him really awesome to have around the house. But it’s his incredible personality—his attitude, swagger, curiosity, playfulness, boundless energy, and his insatiable inquisitiveness—it’s all of these things that elevate him to the status of  SUPER PET.  And, yes,  understand that SUPER PET is a ranking not previously awarded.  But, I am reminded of a great line delivered by Zero Mostel in the film, The Producers: “If ya got it, flaunt it!!”  And got it General Grant has, and flaunt it he does! There can be no animal on the face of the earth more adored than General Grant!


A final word about you as the breeder of this wonderful line of Maine Coons: Your genuine and deep interest in the lives your kittens lead after they leave your home has been a tremendous advantage to us as new owners. You have always been there for us when we needed advice on whatever issues we faced or questions we had. You have never failed to answer an email within 24 hours, and your experience with this breed and obvious knowledge of your cat’s own bloodlines make you a wonderful resource for those of us who buy your kittens.  You certainly have my ongoing permission to give my name and email address to anyone who would like to chat with me about what he/she may expect if a kitten is purchased from you. As I mentioned, there are breeders, and there is ROYAL LIONS.  What I learned from the research I did on Royal Lions before I ever even contacted you has proven to be dead-on.  The kittens you produce are really exceptional, keep up the terrific work, because you make a lot of people very happy!


Lon Getlin

Lon & Jaye Getlin                          Terminator (now General Grant)                         Portland, OREGON

We LOVE Leo ! Ignoring the fact that he is drop-dead gorgeous, I don't think I've ever seen a more well-adjusted, charming kitten in my life.  He's fit into our family as if he'd lived here forever.  People-oriented, confident and adventurous kittens don't happen by chance.  The love you put into  my little guy is so obvious.  I just can't imagine my day or my life without him.  I'm sure he's tired of my snuggling him and the kisses, but he's been a gentleman and puts up with me. This will definitely not be our last RoyalLion kitten.  I wouldn't trust anyone else to raise my next baby.  Leo sends hugs and kisses and I  send many thanks!


--Debra Dixon


          Debra Dixon                                              Leo the Lion                                              Memphis, TENN.

          Stacey Bauer                                                       Katniss                                              Melbourne Beach, FL

Janie & Family,

Where to begin...We love our Princess Katniss so much and can't begin to thank you enough for all the love & care it takes to raise such sociable sweet gorgeous woodland creatures! Once we settled on a "Maine Coon" kitten finding a reputable breeder was very important. We have always been "Dog" people and finding a kitten that would bond with our Newfoundland rather than coexist was very important to us.  After spending much time creeping on the "RoyalLions" website we could only have dreamed how awesome this was going to go. Katniss is a total pleasure and has bonded with every member of the family, including the dog:-)  When we have company she is very sociable and loving.  Katniss already has the run of our home and is extremely content & playful.  Again, thank you for our lovely kitten and all the wonderful advice.!

Sincerely,  The Bauler Family

“Upon picking up Grizzly, my son David was very impressed with your operation, your location, and you!  The trip home was un-eventful and when he brought the carrier in and opened the door, the KING stepped out!  Cool, calm, and collect! Various family members ooh'd and ah'd over his looks as he was passed from one to another. "He's so beautiful, let me hold him, he's so big, what beautiful markings”, and on an on !  When things broke up later into the night, I made them do the airport security check as some of my relatives would steal him in a heart beat.  Just returned from the vet and everything is great. When we opened the carrier door, the personnel all ooh'd and ah'd ! And, when the GRIZZ plays, everyone plays!  Reading the paper?  Fixing food?  Tidying up?  Nope.  PLAYING!  What a joy!  He's the size of a moose and if you watch him closely, you can see him grow.  Grizzly is so people oriented and I thank you again for that”……Ron and Rosalie Miller.

          Ronald  Miller                                           Grizzly (the Grizz)                                             Sarasota, FL

“Chopper definitely runs this house now! The big dogs think that he is their baby! We are absolutely loving him! He's the sweetest thing ever! Chop – Chop is just as perfect as can be!” Bre

          Bre Waters                                                          Chopper                                            Houston, TX

          Daphne & Ken Ross                                          Mimi (aka Flower)                                  Loganville, GA

First, she's healthy and thriving.   Currently she weighs 7 lbs and 6 oz but looks like she's heading into another growth spurt, it's funny her legs sprout then she gets longer and grows into them. The Vet and her staff are charmed by her.  She is also considered the most beautiful Maine Coon they've ever seen - her eyes are really gold which is striking in her beautiful black and white little face. They think it's funny that when I take her out of her carrier she simply wraps herself around my neck, closes her eyes and purrs.   No stress, no drama.!  


If you ever need a reference about how incredibly well socialized your kittens are - please don't hesitate to give out my number or email address.   Mimi is my partner in crime.  She sits by the tub when I take a bath and plays with the water, at night she sleeps half across my shoulder with a paw wrapped across my neck.  When we have visitors she is inquisitive rather than shying away or hiding.  Her favorite toys are the two sticks we picked up at a cat show that have leather straps at the end. She drags them around the house and up the stairs when she is in the mood to play.  She has trained Ken well - she brings the stick and he plays.  LOL!!   …..Daphne Ross, Loganville, GA

          David & Ryn Wells                                  Wolfie (aka Kumal)                                 Coral Gables, FL

At nine months old, he is still acting

like a baby. He helps us do everything, if you know what I mean! We have NEVER had such a loving cat!


Thank you, David & Ryn Wells

Coral Gables, FL

          Terri & Rob Segel                                    Kipper (aka Surfer)                                 Melbourne Beach, FL

“We purchased one of your gorgeous silver boys, Surfer, now named KIPPER from your Spring Fling litter. He has proven to be as zany as his mother Tarzanna.  He head-butts our hands, demanding to be petted, and has the most charming and curious personality.  He prefers water out of the bathroom or kitchen faucets. He sleeps with us every night, and loves to stroke our hair; then he wakes my husband up around 5:00 AM demanding to be fed! He loves to tote my son’s stuffed animals into his secret stash in my husband’s closet.  The toys are bigger than the cat! He’s been a perfect addition to our home, and visitors marvel at his beauty. He is just gorgeous!”

Terri Segel, Melbourne Beach, FL

Mimi  as a baby at RoyalLions

Several months after placement

At nine months old, absolute Bobcat charm and awesome show quality!

"Smudgie is doing awesome! He has slept with me curled right up next to me each night. His appetite is great and he uses his littler box without fail. He is fascinated with the water fountain and enjoys playing with the water. All in all he is doing superbly and I could not be happier with this kitten! Thank you for all your hard work and now I have a better idea of what all is involved! Takes so much diligence on your part."

          Nancy Hudson                                                              Smudge                                             Crystal Beach, FL

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