“Blueberry” (now  Grayson)

King of: Marvin & Lee Cook

 Shell Point, FL


“Nutter Butter”

Angel of:  Gail & Gary Wilkes

 Panama City Beach, FL


RoyalLions “Victoria Secret” of Broadsway

Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson

Broadsway Cats– Washington, NC


“ BlueBelle”

Soul Mate of: Deborah G.

Orlando, FL

Placed Aristocats

 Tanstaafl “Beauregard” x Broadsway “FirePaw” of RoyalLions,

~ In the Nick of Time ~

Tanstaafl “Beauregard” x  Broadsway “CinderPaw” of Royal Lions

~ The Martin Luther King Day Litter ~

 “Princess in the Making”

RoyalLions “Razzle Dazzle”

Tallahassee, FL

“Out of Africa”


RoyalLions “Jewel Thief” of Tanstaafl

Beth Hicks & Lynne Sherer

Memphis, TN.

“Pink—A– Boo!”

 RoyalLions “Luther”

Dewitt & Peggy Jewell

Pensacola, FL


“I need a hug”  

 RoyalLions  “Martin”

Al France & Judy Mitchell

Loganville, GEORGIA

RoyalLions “Knight Wolf”

 Donald & Kimberly Peck

Bremington, WASHINGTON

RoyalLions  “ Oreo”

Roy & Kim Thompson


RoyalLions “Junior”

 Bob & Stacey Mott

Ormond Beach, FL

Tanstaafl “Beauregard” x  Broadsway “BlueElla” of Royal Lions

~  Sweet Goodies ~

“Cream Puff”  (“the Pufffster”)  loves the Vacuum, her 3 Maine Coon brothers &  Sheltie Dog

Pampered Princess of:  John & Laurie Moses

Birmingham,  ALABAMA


Bed Bug  to: Deborah G.

Orlando, FL

RoyalLions “Count Blackula” x  Broadsway “BlueElla” of RoyalLions

~ Countdown to Greatness ~

“Snuggly”  (Yorky) prefers painted nails!

Luxuriously Kept by: Jack & Chary Root

Tallahassee, FL


RoyalLions “ Lunar Eclipse” of MTNest. 

David & Judy Bernbaum

MTNest Cats– Chester Springs, PA


 “Snoopy”  (now Bailey)

Captain of:  Gary & Gail Wilkes

Panama City, FL

“Skippy” Sister of a Pomeranian  Dog Worshipped by: Jay Owens & Girls

Lafayette,  LOUISIANA

“Squeaky”  (now  Minky)

Beloved Daughter of:

Mike  & Kari Crowder

Tallahassee, FL

“Sassafras”  (Art on a  Leash)

Fine Art Piece &  Entertainer of: 

Sarah & Mike Hickey

Atlantic Beach—Jacksonville, FL

RoyalLions  Count Blackula x  Broadsway  “FirePaw”  of RoyalLions

~ The Hurricane Gang ~

RoyalLions “SunKiss”  ( Lady Marmalade)

Boss Lady of:  Marvin & Lee Cook

 and her two Maine Coon brothers

Tallahassee/ Shell Point, FL

RoyalLions “RipTide”  (now Mango)

Angel Kitty to:  Marvin & Lee Cook

 Tallahassee/ Shell Point, FL

“I’m applying for your stud position” RoyalLions  “King”  now


RoyalLions “Count Blackula”

“A Collection of  Some of our Royal Cubs

and where they now reign Prince & Princesses!”

RoyalLions “Count Blackula”  x  Broadsway  “BlueElla” of RoyalLions

~ Holiday Treats ~

“Pumpkin”  (now Maxwell)

Buddy to 2 Labradors Retrievers

Tom & June Wolanzyk


RoyalLions “ButterBall” (now Ruskin)

No Desire Unmet:  Rand & Evelyn Springer

Brentwood (Nashville), TENNESSEE

RoyalLions “JellyRoll”  (now Cooper) Irresistible  to: Jim & Kathy Holland

Tallahassee, FL

RoyalLions  “Thunder”

Beloved Hairy Son of: Anne Wright

 & Big Brother to “Silver Belle”,

Tallahassee, FL

RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”  x  Broadsway  “Tarzanna” of RoyalLions

~ Silver Bells ~

“ Silver Star” 

Baby Girl of:  Mike & Betsye Greener

Thomasville, GEORGIA

“Silver Belle”  baby sister of

RoyalLions  Thunder

Anne Wright, Tallahassee, FL

“Silver Bullet”  (now Bandit)

Live Alarm Clock of:

 James & Karen Moore,  Sarasota, FL

“ The Creature”  (now Tache)

Sous-Chef  of:  James  &  Karen Moore,

Sarasota, FL

RoyalLions “Count Blackula”  x  Broadsway  “FirePaw” of RoyalLions

~ Teddy Grahams ~

“Choco’ Bear

Cherished Sister of  a Chihuahua Dog

Jeff  & Charlotte Ward

Naples, FL

“Cinny Bear “

(Now: RoyalLions  “Scarlet O’Harris”)

Up & Coming Princess

Broadsway “Puma Girl” of RoyalLions  x  CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of  RoyalLions

~ Survival of the Fittest ~

“Beretta”  ….  Pampered  Panther  &

Princess of:  Justin & Kacie Poole

Sarasota, FL


(on Right, 1st day at home)


Perfectly Loved By: Lee Bush

Cullman, ALABAMA

“Colt 45” ... Former Seminole, Now a Gator!

Jimmie  Seely  & Lauren McClelland

Gainesville, FL

“Remington”   little  brother for RoyalLions  “Ruskin”

Rand & Evelyn Springer

Brentwood (Nashville),  TENNESSEE


Broadsway “BlueElla” of  RoyalLions  x RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”   

~ Surf’s Up~

“Maui Nix”

J., Andree, & Grace Cullens

Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA

“Ron Jon”   (Now Axel)

Officer 0f  the Law w/ John Dambrosio


Big Kahuna”

Princess at RoyalLions

Broadsway “Puma Girl”  of RoyalLions  x 

RoyalLions  “Count Blackula” 

~ Eating Machines~


(on pick up day)

Mike  & Eva Ebert

Tampa, FL

“MooseTrax & WildFire”

Charles Autio, 

Mandeville, LA


Sheila,  Jeff,  Paige,

& Stella Keiner

Orlando, FL

Moose & WildFire Adopted Together!

“Sunny D”

Pam & Dyer Michell

Ocala, FL

“Hungry Jack”  

Justin & Rachel Hollis  Tallahassee, FL

Shower Time!


Remington @ 7 months in TN.

RoyalLions  “Scarlet O’Harris” x CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of RoyalLions 

~ The CandyCoons ~


Barbara & Paul Rohrs

Lanark Village, FL


Jack & Patricia Jones

Leesburg, FL


Sugar comes in Furry Little Packages!

Momma Scarlet w- SweetTart, GummyBear, HersheyKiss

Broadsway  “BlueElla” x CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of RoyalLions 

~ Kitty Glam ~

RoyalLions “Feryl Streep” of Broadsway


Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson

Broadsway Cats– Washington, NORTH CAROLINA



We called her just a plain brown kitten, a plain Jane in fact. However, within time this brown ticked tabby evolved into an a amazing swan with unbelievable typing and beauty. We are proud to place this beautiful panther-like girl with a great feral expression (thus her name, Feryl Streep) with Broadsway where we know she will be “worshipped” (as they put it) and pampered as a breeding Queen should be!

“Cindee Clawford” &  “Sean Coonery”

Karen & James Moore ~ also Parents of SilverBullet and the Creature!

Sarasota, FL

“Furalina Jolie”

Painted Kitty for: Ben & Donna Clark

Pensacola, FL

Broadsway  “Tarzanna” x RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”

Born: January 28, 2012  ~ The Conspiracy ~

Text Box: Stryker ~ Pamela & Richard Seely, 
Text Box: Puff Daddy ~ Sue Brant
Text Box: Bugatti (aka Mr. Cheeks ) 
Dan & Nancy Adams, DVM (yourpetmedicalcenter.com)
Text Box: Bear (aka Bruiser) -  Jim & Randi Williams

An unlikely couple, a year of several miscarriages and non-productivity resulted in a surprise litter of nine totally unexpected. Sleepless nights of bottle feeding, as most queens can only produce enough milk for 6, was necessary to keep this litter thriving and healthy. Odds were we would lose a few but being told to expect this turned into the ultimate challenge of keeping every single lil’ monsters

moving forward in life. The end result was all nine made it and are now beloved conspirators lavishing their new families with lots of love and entertainment!


Maine Coon Cats,

 Reputable Florida Maine Coon Breeder

All Rights Reserved

Text Box: BATMAN ~ Anyone see my Bat Mobile?
Heather & Richard Lowe
Grain Valley, MISSOURI
Text Box: Koko ~ Nathan Bull 
Text Box: General Grant  (aka Terminator) 

Lon Getlin & Jaye Taylor
Text Box: “BearPaw”  
Ronnie & Janie Clement
Text Box:  “FireHeart”   
Alexandra Zicarelli

With new Mom before departure

Text Box: “Tiger Claw”
Justin & Kacie Poole  SARASOTA, FL

On the Way Home with His New Mom

In his new Daddy’s arms,

on the way home to Sarasota!

“ He is absolutely wonderful. He wakes us up every morning with kisses!”


Alex Zicarelli, JACKSONVILLE, FL

Listening to his new parents about the danger of cords!

LEFT:  Koko now a City Girl

 looking down on Manhattan

Broadsway “BlueElla” of RoyalLions x RoyalLions “Count Blackula”

~ The Castaways ~

Text Box:  For reasons only nature knows, this litter was extremely challenging and with much heartache. At 4 weeks, BlueElla suddenly abandoned her three kittens.  She has always been the perfect mom so we aren’t sure why. It doesn’t  take long for kittens just barely a pound to fall extremely ill from missing  just one meal,  typically they eat all day long. We rushed one little girl to the vet when we realized the situation, however, despite care, we lost her anyway. It became even clearer that the fate of the two remaining was bleak. We attempted to tube feed them but they fought the tube,  biting down on it making it unusable. Still, we forced food, pedialyte, and water down via syringe. Finally, we decided to take the kittens from BlueElla and give them to Puma Girl who was nursing her own litter which was 5 days younger. The two step children hissed at Puma and stayed to themselves away from their new foster family. We almost gave up when late that evening we stepped into the room to find both kittens nursing on Puma . It was a sight to behold! Despite their ugliness to her, she took them in like they were her own. We are so very grateful to her for she in fact saved their lives. She obviously heard their S.O.S. call and the Castaways who were once throwaways are now thriving kittens who are now homed TOGETHER which was our greatest wish as these two are so  incredibly bonded…...Survival is Sweet!!

Grete showing off her

white tube socks!

We can’t believe how affectionate they are, they are exceeding all expectations!


Don Petritis & Christian Agudelo ~ TAMPA, FL

Broadsway “Puma Girl” x RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”

~ Panthers in Pampers ~

Text Box: “Chopper” ….One of the Boys!
Bre Waters & Family
Text Box: “LilyFawn” ... so hard to let go of!
James & Amber Scott

“Sundance”  now a Gator Girl and sister for

RoyalLions Colt 45 !


Jimmie & Lauren Seely  Gainesville, FL

“It’s a Girl Thing!”

TigerLily...the Kissing Kitten

Lauren & Kate Hughes ~ Tampa, FL


“Bella Enchanted”


Up & Coming RoyalLions Princess!

“Sterling”  shown above at 7 wks. and then 11 months


Worshipped by: Paul & Barbara Rohrs, Lanark Village, FL

Broadsway  “Tarzanna” of RoyalLions x RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”

~ The Conspiracy ~

Text Box: Lucy & Worf ~ Steve & Susan Bull

Lucy & Worf in their new home

“Waiting on Santa”


RoyalLions “Scarlet O’Harris” x CascadeMtn  “Love Shack” of RoyalLions   

Born: April 26, 2012  ~ “Into the Wild”~

RoyalLions “Scarlet O’Harris” x CascadeMtn  “Love Shack” of RoyalLions   

~ Into the Wild~

“I always knew I was a Princess”

Broadsway “Tarzanna” x CascadeMtn “Love Shack”

~ The Cuteness Factor ~

“Steely” now Rossi

Jerry McClure, Tallahassee, FL

Herman and Loudmouth”  now  “Ben & Jerry”

“Our home is complete again.  I am very happy to have found you and your family.  You give so much to all of us. I know it isn't easy to love the kittens and then watch them go.  Please  know that they both have a great home & lots of love too.


Ann & Dave O’Flaherty

Sarasota, FL


RoyalLions “Shinobi” of CascadeMtn

Susan & Blair Milburn—CascadeMtn Maine Coons

Ridgefield, WASHINGTON



Potential Show Girl, Laid Back and Loving despite her amazing intelligence, quick to her human moves and feral wolf-like appearance. Well adjusted, confident, and adores people. Nobi has a ongoing lion purr, we say “she is the wolf that purrs!” We are honored to place this girl with our trusted friends Susan & Blair Milburn of CascadeMtn and know she will be loved and cared for as a treasured family member as they share the vision of preserving the amazing Maine Coon breed!


“Zoey ” … pure Silver Sugar… a Kissing Machine!

now sister of RoyalLions “Cheesefry”


Micheal & Eva Ebert, Tampa, FL

“Fweddie Munster” with new brother soon after placement

Erin Whisenhunt, Valdosta, GA

Dallas with Loudmouth

Broadsway “BlueElla” x RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”

~ Wise Guys ~

Text Box: “Got Milk?”
The shifty Milkman who dips 
into the inventory!

Text Box: Rabbit Feet with a Lion’s Heart!
Big & Beautiful with show potential! Steals our affection, uses his giant paws to gently swipe (pet) our faces for attention.

Text Box: A Juvenile Criminal Already!
Finger Printed (has black smudges on his pink pads) & booked at only 6 weeks for suspicious activity!
Affectionate and in your face, hates to be ignored like his dad!


Text Box: So cute we want to eat him up!
The good guy who always does the right thing OR perhaps he is just the cover man!


Text Box: An adorable Smart Alec! 
Too smart for his own britches, needs 
his mouth washed out w/soap, 
bad thing is he likes it!

Text Box: “BOO!!!” 
Scares himself in mirrors & always appears as if he’s been busted! We only want to know where he hid the stash!


RoyalLions “Scarlet O’ Harris x  CascadeMtn “Love Shack”

~ It’s a Girl Thing~

Text Box: RoyalLions “Gossip Girl”

Rare Reverse Brown Classic Torbie (Torbie meaning Brown Tabby with red). GG has an outgoing personality with a surprisingly approachable confidence towards people. Good at making her presence known, she’s impossible to ignore. Her “tween” necklace suggest a 5 week old kitten going on 15! Loves to cuddle and chat, but her gossip is all good! Her dream is to have her own talk show!

Deanna Futch, Port Charlotte, FL
Text Box: RoyalLions “Glamour Girl”

Quite uncommon red female tabby. Less than 15% of all cats are red females. A knockout ready to steal the catwalk. She knows how to put her best face forward while still being sweet and loves to  kiss her fans!  She welcomes admirers and those who will shower her with attention and play. Glamour’s ambition is to be a supermodel and cover girl for Vogue magazine!

	Deanna Futch, Port Charlotte, FL

Text Box: RoyalLions “Tom Girl”

Can roll with the gangsters. Our little linebacker who doesn't mind rough play and rolling off the bed. She says looks only get you so far but a good appetite makes you resilient to the hard knocks in life giving you the padding  you need. We were tempted to call her Hefty cinch sack due to her huge presence at the food station and the food she can put down! Her life ambition is to be a food critique.

Sister for RoyalLions Pumpkin (now Maxwell)

Tom & June Wolanzyke

RoyalLions “DandeeLion” x RoyalLions “Count Blackula”

~Out of Africa~











“Missy Owlet”





“Squirrel Girl”





“Cheetah Puff”





A possible ancestor?

RoyalLions “Big Kahuna” x CascadeMtn “Love Shack”

~The Enchanted Forest~



Text Box: “THUMPER”

Text Box: “KATNISS”

Text Box: For Maine Coon Kitten Information

Contact:  Florida Maine Coon Breeder
(Tallahassee, FL Area) “RoyalLions” 
(Janie & Allen)
Email: royallions@comcast.net
Web: royallions.net
Text Box: “GRIZZLY”

“Thank you for raising Rider with so much love, she is a total love bug !”

Brandon & Holly Verrkamp
Text Box: “LILY”


Lily was born with a physiological health defect that stunned doctors. It was suggested that we euthanize her at a young  3 weeks old (shown on left) as she would hypothetically have a lifetime of bladder and kidney issues. Instead, we did not act in haste to convenience ourselves, her life was of great value. We declined euthanasia, took her home, gave her a chance to develop and enjoy being a sister within her litter. By 16 weeks she was brought back to the vet for a follow up exam and all of her  physiological issues had totally disappeared. She passed all of her testing and eventually went home with her sister/littermate Buttercup and another RoyalLion (Tatertot) and is living a full life in Jacksonville with her new mom who was willing to do whatever she could for Lily even before divine intervention took place!

A leap of faith…………...

Zoey several months after placement

CascadeMtn “Love Shack” x  Broadsway “Tarzanna”

~ Spring Fling~

“Flip Flop”

Fredda Schwartz

Delray Beach, Florida

“FRIZBEE” - the Frizz !

 Eric Lazcano

Jacksonville, FL


Terrie, Robert & Brenden Segal

Melbourne Beach, FL

Buddies: Sharky and Surfer

Partners in Crime too!

What we call a  Furry Family Tree !

Having a little TOO




Daphne Ross

Loganville, Georgia


(white tiger shark)


Adam St. Clair, Tallahassee, FL

“Bouncer” the Big Bad Wolf

Breeder/Show Quality

Deborah Baran

Jekyll Island, GA

“Cruiser”  (Cruisin’ for a Bruisin”)


Linda Gartin & Family

Fort White, Florida