“There is incidentally, no way of talking about cats

that enables one to come off as a sane person.”

 Dan Greenberg

Grand Champion Broadsway “CinderPaw ”of  RoyalLions

Adopted by: Crystal & Ryan Bedenbaugh ~ Lakeland, FL

Sire: REGIONAL WINNER,  Supreme Grand Champion Broadsway “Billings”


“Brandy Pond” of Broadsway

 Solid Black Maine Coon —October 15th, 2007

DNA Negative for HCM by Parentage


Double Grand Champion Broadsway “FirePaw” of  RoyalLions ~

Now with her sister CinderPaw

Adopted by: Crystal and Ryan Bedenbach ~ Lakeland, FL

Mother of International Winner

RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”

Cinder had all the makings of an International Winner herself, except she swallowed dental floss during her show career and underwent a complicated

surgery which stopped her in her tracks. However, to us she is  4-ever the

champion of all champions!

Sire:  REGIONAL WINNER,  Supreme Grand Champion Broadsway “Billings”


“Brandy Pond” of Broadsway

 Brown Classic Torbie—October 15th, 2007

DNA Negative for HCM by Parentage


“How expressively was her attachment paintedin her face! How often have her fond caressesdiverted my mind from care, and consoled mein my misfortunes!”

 ~  Charles Sonnini de Manoncourt

Double Grand Champion

Photo By Helmi Flick,

TICA International Cat Show ~ Orlando, FL

Our Breeding Cats are our beloved family members. For several years they have shared their lives with us and produced beautiful pets that have  completed homes and made a profound influence on people’s lives in remarkable ways. We are grateful to every special Maine Coon cat we have used in our breeding program to provide such companions and it is often with much difficulty and emotion that we must place some of the, to keep our breeding program manageable; geared towards quality vs. quantity/kitten production. It’s also our desire to give them homes of their own. We will heavily screen anyone interested in our Retired Maine Coons, just as if they were inquiring about a kitten. Our desire is to wait for a forever home that will provide a rewarding life and endless love to a creature that bestowed these very things to humans through their offspring. Many retired female Maine Coons become very sweet due to their previous maternal habits and bestow this upon their new families making them extremely rewarding. Although it jerks our hearts 90 degrees, we know ultimately they have an improved life once they adjust to their new environment. They do not have to fear "whole" territorial cats and dominance issues, they come full circle in their entire being....becoming beautiful again, regaining their coats, their dispositions, but ALSO their emotional well being drastically improves! We see them easily bond with their new families and transfer their love in a surprising way. The breeding lifestyle has inherent stress regardless of how wonderful one houses “whole cats”, to free them of this is to give them a better life. To see them actually happier is the ULTIMATE gift !


The adoption fees for a retired Maine Coon are considerably less than the cost of a kitten but prorated/discounted according to their age. This fee typically includes the spay/neuter surgery, laser treatment to the incision for improved healing, pain meds, FVRCP booster, current Rabies vaccine, and preparations for departure (bathing, grooming, flea preventatives, etc). Additional fees may be required for other health screening(s) or certifications the new family desires. If you desire to adopt a retired Maine Coon from RoyalLions, please email us regarding your interest with photos of your home and a written summary of your family dynamics (location, phone number, no. of children, other  pets,  etc.). Often the perfect home happens along when a family picks up their kitten and notices one of our adults they are instantly drawn to. Just like our kittens, Retirees cannot be sold or given to a third party. RoyalLions will accept them back if they do not work out with existing pets or if an owner can no longer care for them. We reserve the right to remove them from an unsuitable home if they have not been provided with immediate vet care when required, annual veterinarian examinations are ignored, or the cat faces any potential danger or mistreatment. It is required that photos are sent periodically so we are assured of their well being. Owners must share all health records and provide proof of vet care if and when requested. These measures are to guarantee our beloved family members are placed in loving homes with responsible humans who can provide quality care as they deserve.

About Adopting a Retired Adult…….

Snappy was incredibly hard to let go of. He had such a huge presence in our home. The sound of him chasing his kitty balls and chirping birds throughout the house is sorely missed. Unfortunately, once his male hormones kicked in, we disovered his health took a turn for the worst and it would be better for him not to sire a litter or live the life of a stud male. Not all Cats can work out to be part of a quality breeding program, cropping them out is the most responsible thing to do. To this day, we miss seeing his chirping birds drowned in his water bowl!  We were quite blessed when Debbie decided she wanted  to add him to her new fur family . She already owned two of our  female kittens and thought they could use a big brother. The adjustment has been incredible, Snappy rode all the way to his new home on Debbie’s lap and never looked back. His new sisters love him and all three share momma’s bed!

CascadeMtn Red Snapper (Snappy) of RoyalLions

Now Beloved Comedian of: Debbie G. Orlando, FL

An absolute Black Beauty with an awesome profile & head who passed her near perfect conformation plus lynx

tips & loving nature to her son

“Count Blackula”. We are indebted to Broadsway Cats for Cinder was the most

influential female in our

breeding program and produced an International Winning son!

“A Sister-Act”

Grand Champion Broadsway “CinderPaw” of RoyalLions with Sister Double Grand Champion “FirePaw” of RoyalLions

She will let me hold her and she is already purring like crazy.  We have brought a lot of cats into our home over the years and she is one of the first to just hang out on day one!”

Thank you!   Crystal  



Maine Coon Cats,

 Reputable Florida Maine Coon Breeder

All Rights Reserved

We love this cat! She has become my baby, now !! Thank you for sharing your kitties with me!

(1st Week at New Home)

RoyalLions “Scarlet O’Harris”

Adopted: now in Jensen Beach, FL with her son FireHeart!


Supreme Grand Champion

RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”


Dam: Double Grand Champion Broadsway “FirePaw of  RoyalLions


Brown Classic  (Reverse) Torbie

December 28, 2010


DNA Negative for HCM / 5 yr. IBC: 15.6%




Scarlet O’Harris is a very dramatic Brown Classic (Reverse) Torbie, “torbie” meaning tabby with red, “reverse”  meaning the red is more dominant than the brown in the coat. Scarlet has the striking features of her mother and sweet disposition of her father. RoyalLions will be watching this baby Bobcat develop as the next up and coming Queen to replace her mother Broadsway “FirePaw of RoyalLions who was retired Spring 2011. Scarlet is the closest replica of FirePaw after a number of select breedings aimed at developing a Queen from long historical breeding lines worthy of preservation, who may be inclined to produce reverse torbies of equivalent quality. Besides her fabulous coat, Scarlet has an incredibly long tail, nice tight ear set, and strong chin among many other impressive assets. Like FirePaw, Scarlet loves to give kisses. She is alert, playful, and comes running to any human who approaches her. We call her our bathroom hostess! Her worse habit is getting inside of your pants while your on the potty and making herself at home. Many of our guest prefer Scarlet over a good magazine! We are excited to add Scarlet to our breeding program, as she will be the first RoyalLion Queen from our very own breeding that we feel is good enough to fill the shoes of her mother, thus, her last name O’Harris. We hope she’ll be blessed with productive and healthy litters so we can share the immeasurable beauty and companionship expected of the Maine Coon!

Scarlet  O’ Harris with her 1st litter, the CandyCoons

RoyalLions “DandeeLion”  our Beautiful Lioness ~

Adopted by:  Kathy Griffith, Montgomery, AL


Supreme Grand Champion

CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of RoyalLions


Dam: RoyalLions Scarlet O’ Harris  


Red Mackerel Tabby ~ Dec. 7, 2011

5 yr. IBC: 0.0%


DNA Negative for HCM

HCM Tested: 8/16/2013  via Echocardiogram at UF Veterinarian Medical Center - heart “normal”



The Lioness of the house! Dandee was part of the CandyCoon litter whom we referenced as “sugar comes in furry little packages” due to the incredible sweet, loving dispositions displayed among the trio. As Dandee grew we noticed incredible typing: a strong chin and profile, well set ears, expressive orange eyes that actually matched her coat, solid boning, and an incredible long tail. To top this off, she is just silly enough to keep us entertained and laughing. Her favorite game is pretending she’s the monster behind the shower curtain. She purposely waits until somebody is sitting on the potty and she pops out on us !  Our surprise and reactions have only reinforced this play. Her temperament is unmatched; totally non-aggressive in all situations and handling  like her dad, CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of RoyalLions, which produces gentle kittens. We are also impressed with her ability to mother kittens with complete care and devotion. RoyalLions needed a rare red girl like Dandee as the Lioness of the Pride, she has exceeded all the requirements of such a grand distinction! Sadly, retiring due to recent delivery issues. Recent Heart Echo Testing  from Univ. of FLA Included.

 Photos of DandeeLion

above at 6 months

Dandee with Mom

(Scarlet O’ Harris)

Dandelion’s Daughter Glamour Girl, DandeeLion’s coat will develop like this as she moves away from her spay date and hormones level out. Her tail will also  be fabulous like her daughters. Glamour Girl now in Port Charlotte, FL.

RoyalLions “Bella Enchanted”  Adopted by:  Dr. John Masiello and

Diane Masiello, Ph.D of Valrico, FL


Supreme Grand Champion

RoyalLions “Count Blackula”


Dam: Broadsway Puma Girl of RoyalLions 


Brown Classic Tabby

May 7, 2012


DNA Negative for HCM

5 yr. IBC—0.781%



As a kitten, we were absolutely enchanted by so many traits this girl possessed. She had tall owl like ears with the longest of lynx tips we desire to breed for. She had a wide head and muzzle which we had been watching gradually narrow  in some Maine Coon breeders’ cats, (we don't want a seahorse muzzle), a strong chin from her wonderful mother CH Broadsway Puma Girl (who is one of our most well tempered Queens) and a dramatic break in her profile from dad, IW, SGC RoyalLions Count Blackula. Bella is a coal brown classic, a color /pattern we admire and boasted a long tail, hefty boning, and well tufted paws. We were also enamored by her deep golden eyes and for a female she had a boyish look to her that gave her a tom boy appeal. She inherited her dad’s “smooth operator” disposition in that she had no issue blending into the multi cat household of a cattery which for some can be quite stressful. Her sense of humor was the final  component which made her a keeper. However, shortly after we took her off breeder observation and made her “ours” she decided to show us her shifty side. We brought a bag of gourmet jelly donuts home from a local bakery and left it on the kitchen counter. Thirty minutes later,  we discovered the bag had been tampered with and the donuts mangled. Bella, had sucked all the raspberry filling out of the two monster sized donuts. In reading about the diets of some wild cats,  we were knowledgeable that they do like certain berries from the forest. We forgave her due to her instinctive hunger for refined pastries but now we are stuck sharing any jelly donut we bring into the house! Still, despite her passion for jelly donuts, we are enchanted with this girl and hope she will bring good things to our breeding program and fall into the footsteps of her mother who produced amazingly loving kittens with unbeatable dispositions. It might sound like a fairy tale to some, but we believe Bella can fill those shoes even while she fills her tummy with raspberry jelly! Retiring due to hormonal stress issues: chewing on skin, pacing, back to back heats (excessive cycling).

“Demanding another

jelly donut!”

Hairy Monster Feet!

(at about 8 weeks)

comforting mom after surgery!

“It says for Pet Hair”


Coco, Silky and Bella (the mother on far right)

What a tremendous BLESSING for all of us!  Thank you John and Diane Masiello!

watch out for the shower curtain Monster!”

Broadsway “WaterDragon” of RoyalLions

Sire:  Champion Broadsway “Wolfgang”


Dam: Broadsway “Libby Hill”


Blue Silver Classic Tabby

Born: April 18, 2012

DNA Negative for HCM

5 yr. IBC  8.01 %   PEDIGREE

Born in 2012  the Year of the Water Dragon (Chinese calendar),  this beautiful blue silver tabby classic is named appropriately due to her infatuation and  love for water. We often find this girl with both paws in her water bowl taking a splash bath. She is a gorgeous girl with a moderate feral expression and incredible green eyes which are not super common  within the breed. The Dragon  boast a longer muzzle (reminiscent of a dragon) and has a very intense but affectionate disposition. Extremely intelligent , the Dragon loves to be the office manager who serves as the boss lady but also a giant paperweight that purrs making us extremely inefficient. We are thankful to Jennifer Sable and Jean Thompson of Broadsway in the acquisition of this extremely well typed girl. Dragon has produced only one litter with a singleton kitten  (we named Dragonlet) who survived beyond all odds out of seven, a second litter of only three, and third with two. Still, her babies may be few but they are beautiful and she enjoys playing the mothering role. We may  try another breeding with a different stud to assess her longevity in our breeding program, but for now we are enjoying her devoted companionship, dragon like purrs, but will be forced to meet her strong demands for a concrete fountain of her own so she can swim at her luxury! Hopefully she won’t breath fire on us as she can be very impatient with her expectations of her servants.

The Boss Lady aka ...the paper pusher and purring paperweight!

I demand my own concrete fountain!”

A longer dragon like muzzle!

RoyalLions “Jane Austen”  

Sire:  IW, SGC RoyalLions

“Count Blackula”


Dam: RoyalLions “Dandelion”


Classic Brown Torbie

Born: April 3, 2013


DNA Negative for HCM

Screened 5/30/2014  for HCM via Echocardiogram  by Board Certified Cardiologist at Univ. of Florida Vet Medical Center

5 yr. IBC  16%



In some Maine Coons, we are seeing a loss of wide muzzles. In the pursuit of a more feral extreme expression, some breeders are producing longer muzzles which is desirable BUT with this the muzzles are becoming more narrow (which we don’t prefer). Jane Austen brings back the traditional wide muzzle which is strongly inherent in one of our foundation lines with Broadsway DGC “FirePaw” of RoyalLions being Austen’s great grandmother. Firepaw had a short career due to uterine inertia during delivery and this was inherited by her daughter RoyalLions “Scarlet O’ Harris”. She too was cropped out early in her breeding career and replaced by RoyalLions “DandeeLion” who produced incredible offspring however she refused to eat canned food making supplementation impossible during gestation and lactation which will affect overall health and bone density if you can’t put  nutrients back into the queen which she puts out nursing her young. In an effort to maintain DandeeLion’s long term health, Jane Austen was retained as DandeeLion’s replacement due to her incredible coat, impressive wide muzzle, solid boning for a female, nice tall ears but most importantly an incredible disposition. Austen, despite her ornate English coat and  classic name reminiscent of a most adored author, is extremely demonstrative with her affection. She seeks us out and proceeds to jump in our laps and head butt us. She is very generous with her love like her father: International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion RoyalLions Count Blackula but still has her mother’s (RoyalLions DandeeLion) sense of humor. Austen is very adaptable and confident, as in the photos she has no issue with new adventures or keeping bigger Lions in their place! We are hoping Austen will have less issues in the birthing process like her predecessors but will also accept supplementation in her food which is a necessity for healthy queens. We look forward to seeing what type of babies she will produce specifically with Broadsway “Popo Chan” of RoyalLions because Austen is quite a lady of splendor!

Austen’s Parents: RoyalLions “DandeeLion x IW, SGC RoyalLions “Count Blackula”

Austen is a lap girl that purposely seeks us out to lavish head butts and loving! Like her dad she prefers human company and has a fascinating way of making it clearly understood that she thinks we are the cats pajamas!

RoyalLions “Tara the Tarantula”

Sire:  RW, SGC Mainelyclassic

Night Owl

Dam: RoyalLions “Big Kahuna”


Black Tortie

Born: January 23, 2013



 Screened for HCM 12/10/2014 via Echocardiogram by Board Certified Cardiologist at Univ. of Florida Veterinarian Medical Center                                



“You got diarrhea, gas, bloating, bugs? Talk to me !"
Tara ~ the Tarantula now accepting new clients in her pest control business...
"Spidee's Smackdown Pest Co."  She can catch things we don't even see!

Every breeder’s desire is to have a stunning tortie in their program as they are aesthetically so captivating and unique but also have the ability to throw solids. However, to induct one with proper conformation and beauty isn’t always easy. To have a tortie who ‘s number one hobby is to capture any flying insect or thing that crawls on all  fours is an even greater asset. When Tara was 3 months old,  she and her siblings were introduced to a big ugly plastic spider. Her siblings went running, but Tara wanted to befriend it and then slowly  dismantle each leg. Yes, she is a very friendly mafia type. Tara was named “Tara the Tarantula” by our oldest daughter Savanna who explained to us the behavior of the litter the night before. She informed us that Tara ran around the room in a very random, unpredictable pattern...jumping behind objects and then popping back out on her siblings like a big brown hairy spider making them run in a frenzy! In fact, Savanna said that’s what Tara looked like in the dark; “a big hairy brown Tarantula”. After watching her develop we had to agree. Plus, with her professional aspirations in the pest control industry, Tara Tarantula was in fact quite appropriately named. She comes running to the names: Tara, Spidee, and even Tarantula.


We are grateful to Rae Sammis of Mainelyclassic for allowing us stud service with Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Mainelyclassic “Night Owl”. Night Owl is a very tall solid black boy, son of  IW, SGC Mainelyclassic Night Stalker who we met in person and quickly fell in love with. He is very approachable and affectionate which is not always consistent among breeding sires who can be very hormonal. When we paired up RoyalLions “Big Kahuna” we had a feeling, the combination would be spectacular and it was! We had 4 incredibly awesome kittens, all being breeder/show quality!  Tara has beautiful coat which will be difficult to keep as a future breeding queen, her head is just about  perfect with an incredible deep chin similar to mom’s and beautiful well set ears topped with a luxurious coat and very desirable lynx tips inherited from mom . We were not intentionally looking to keep another tortie  nor were we ready to  replace Big Kahuna, however, after seeing Tara’s incredible typing, it was impossible to let her go not to mention she brought  a very desirable outcross pedigree into our program on the paternal side. On a personal level, Tara for us is like  owning a Picasso ...she is LIVE ART, a walking breathing  masterpiece gracing us with her unique beauty! We seem to find something new on her everyday to gaze at, a splash of red here or there, an apricot tuft or a unique beauty mark when she is not busy committing a criminal act. Tara acknowledges she was born with one very sketchy black glove and she aims to use it. In the meantime,  we are trying to divert her behavior into her passion within the Pest Control profession.  Her back up career choice is plumbing, she is fascinated with the kitchen sink and the disposal making this area her  special lair.

Meet the Parents:

RW, SGC Mainelyclassic “Night Owl” x RoyalLions “Big Kahuna”

A  perfect muzzle but also stunning coat and tail which breeding queens eventually lose during motherhood! So she is showing off  while she can at 6/7 months.

Some Cats are Just born Criminals. Profile of a Criminal, extracted from Tara’s police records:

“I’m armed and dangerous

We should of known there is always one bad apple in a litter!

I know you bought me that facial wax kit for Christmas but I’m returning it”

“Thug Life”. Tara’s Mug Shot.

Tara breaking in. Her black glove is her favorite accessory. WaterDragon has already called  911.

“I'm not afraid!”

Tara at 3.5 months old

The Mysterious Dragon is an incredibly

devoted mother!

“Who goes there?” A protective momma Bobcat!

A Happy Birthday to Austen’s “Movie Stars” litter with sire Popo Chan. Five somewhat rare red girls! All of them wagged their tails and kissed us like puppies. We have received tremendous feedback from their families with how loving and involved they are.

“I will eat your lunch if you make my babies cry!”

Tara shown above at 5 months old

Sire:  Southeast Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion “CascadeMtn Love Shack of RoyalLions
Dam:  RoyalLions “Big Kahuna” aka Catalina of  RoyalLions, daughter of
International Winner,

Supreme Grand Champion RoyalLions “Count Blackula 

Brown Mackerel Tabby —Born April 30, 2013 (5 yr. IBC: 0.0% 10 yr. IBC: 2.78%) 


 HCM Tested: 5/30/2014  via Echocardiogram at UF Veterinarian Medical Center by Board Certified Cardiologist  DNA Negative

Henley Street Bridge

Downtown Knoxville, TN

Sir Henley is just a big cool drink of water!  Originally named Barbados,  Henley was a sibling of the Heat Wave litter and was such a sweet, laid back male with such dreamy eyes that we nicknamed him the smooth operator! Henley seemed to operate on Island Time all the time. Nothing got under his skin. He could care less if his sisters and brothers mauled him in a frenzy of fun or dominated the food bowls. He would show up after the crowd and dine at his own leisure, never allowing the pack to alter his swagger.  When deciding to induct a Sire into a reputable breeding program focused on health, and temperament, many factors must be evaluated as well as various health screenings before a potential male can be  formally accepted. Hearts must be screened, inbreeding coefficients should be low to be used as a viable outcross, gingival tissue must be healthy post teething stage, the potential for serious stud tail is a concern, boning must be substantial, typing must conform to the breed standard with the goal of exceeding some areas and disposition must be key as the father’s temperament is heavily inherited by offspring. Henley simply had it all. He also boast a beautiful mackerel pattern not super common in the Maine Coon breed and something we wanted to embrace in our breeding program. His pattern is very defined with beautiful contrast and coat color.  His tail exceeds the standard in length which is attributed to his father RW, SGC CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of RoyalLions who had a remarkable train for a tail. Henley was blessed with his green mother’s eyes, green is not as common in the breed. Henley’s eyes are green with a gold rim and outlined in black eyeliner. He is very loving and has the capacity to be a lap kitty, enjoying family movies on the couch. Henley was  named after Henley Street  (and the Henley Bridge) in downtown Knoxville, TN where our youngest daughter was born and where the cool water Tennessee River  gently meanders along the banks of downtown. Henley is a kind, gentle soul who has already proven to produce kittens with the same alluring temperament and just the right amount of swagger! Henley is shown above  in the photos at only 8 months old with his coat still developing.


in DALLAS, TX with his son MADDEN. 

RoyalLions “Sir Henley”

RoyalLions is tremendously grateful to Beth Hicks (Tanstaafl) and Lynne Sherer (Calicoon) for allowing us the great honor  of using their beautiful big boy Beauregard. Locating an exemplary Maine Coon outcross is very difficult and we tremendously thank our indispensable mentors Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson of Broadsway for facilitating this opportunity and friendship with Lynne & Beth. Without our mentors we’d still be searching! Beauregard is a shining example of  the Maine Coon breed, not just in type but disposition. We were so thrilled with the absolutely loving temperaments of his kittens from our first two litters we  decided to repeat the breeding with Broadsway “BlueElla” of RoyalLions.  We are so very proud to have Beau as one of our most valuable foundation cats to our breeding program!


Much like a puppy dog, Beauregard knows no stranger! Having been entrusted to temporarily house Beauregard, we were privileged to witness his loving personality  and sociable nature despite being new faces. After a few hours of his arrival he was in our laps upside down wanting a belly rub and head butting us during his grooming! Beauregard loves people and prefers to be in close proximity at all times,  he favors sleeping with a human, and  doesn’t mind playing house. He allowed our 3 daughters to dress him up, stroll him around in doll carriages, and rock him like a baby! It was easy to fall in love with this amazing boy and we have received nothing but wonderful feedback from parents who now own his babies and his grandbabies! Beauregard has truly earned his special distinction  in TICA as “Outstanding Sire”  by producing many championship offspring in the show world but also for his loving nature and natural ability to steal hearts! Beau sired kittens for 9 years, this speaks volumes regarding successful health histories of his offspring  and consistent  quality in breed conformation and disposition!


Beauregard is the father of  International Winner “Count Blackula”, notice the similar disposition, proven that personality is a trait that  is definitely  inherited!

Beauregard’s Fan Club

“A Giant Baby Doll that won’t fit in my dolls stroller!”

“I’m catching up!”

Beach Buddy

Playing Dress– Up



Tanstaafl “Beauregard” 

Owner/Breeder: Beth Hicks


Sire: Outstanding Sire, Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Calicoon “Sherman” 

Dam: Regional Winner, Quad Grand Champion Hoosiercoon “Kari” of Tanstaafl


Red Classic Tabby DNA Tested Negative For HCM



RoyalLions “Jeepers Creepers