Broadsway BLUELLA of RoyalLions



Supreme Grand Champion, Outstanding Sire

 Broadsway  REDDING

 Dam: Quad Grand Champion Tribalcats TURQUOISE of Broadsway


Blue Ticked Torbie w/ White

 May 27th,  2008

DNA Negative  for HCM 



“How often I have thought when looking into the face of a particularly beautiful

or expressive cat,

Ah, if you were but a woman I would like to court and marry you”  …Paul Galico

Conscious of her high lineage, the Cat understands and accepts the

responsibilities that attach to it. She knows what she owes to herself, to her rank, to the Royal Idea. Therefore, it is you who must be the courtier.               - The Yellow Book, volume X, July 1896

BlueElla is one of our few Maine Coons who doesn't look like she stepped out of the wild but rather the Powder Room! Our neighbors call her “the Movie Star” having permanent makeup that most women would envy! Her beauty might make even the biggest skeptic wonder about a Master Creator. Ella’s coat is that of the plushest stuffed animal.  She’s our bed kitty that loves to put her white gloved paws on each shoulder and nudge our faces while she lays on top of us, even while she’s pregnant! Daughter of TICA International Winner Broadsway “Redding”, Ella produces loving babies who inherit her remarkable beauty, obvious breed conformation and solid boning! She is a wonderful mother who is known to nurse her babies even after 16 weeks and jumps into the travel bags of her kittens departing, BlueElla has a hard time “letting go”!

Broadsway TARZANNA of RoyalLions  (RETIRED)

Sire:  Grand Champion

Bearcloud THOMAS of Broadsway

 Dam: Broadsway BENEDICTA


Black Silver Tabby  ~ October 10th, 2009


 DNA Negative for HCM



Full of intense beauty and emotion, Tarzanna is our wonderful wild wonder who dares to impress us with her high flying skills and acrobatic stunts uncommon among such a large breed! Tarz was shown in the kitten class for four months and hated it so we refused to subject her to the stress. Despite this, she has excellent breed confirmation and an astounding  feral expression that is drop dead gorgeous! “The Tarz” resembles a wolf  but acts like a child. She is very skilled with her paws and often uses them simultaneously, bringing food and water to her mouth like a person. She refuses to eat out of cat food dishes and first removes the food before consuming it. She also  likes to grab our head with her two paws as we walk by her cat tree. Tarzy does not like to be passed by without acknowledgement! We often tease her asking if she is going to eat her babies when she becomes a mommy and she just trills and head butts us! Her first litter proved she is a very dedicated, protective, and nurturing mother though she expects obedience and instills discipline. Tarzanna is the niece of TICA  two-time SE Regional Winner Broadsway “Redford” of RoyalLions. We are expecting she will bring many similar qualities like Redford  to our breeding program: incredible height and length of body and tail, well proportioned lynx tipped ears, crocodile- like eyes and a  surprisingly  intimate personality! Her high energy and intelligent disposition only facilitate a tendency towards incredible intense affection! Many people are a bit hesitant to pet her, afraid she will bite their hand off, however she often just rolls over for a tummy rub! Looks can be so deceiving!

Busted! Sneaking a sip from momma’s water glass!

Whadaya Mean off the Table? I  am your Centerpiece!

 Any fencing you see in the above photos is outside of the stud domain. Our resident females are never caged. Our males reside in their  in-home stud quarters  when females are in heat. This is necessary to control unplanned pregnancies and inappropriate marking. Whole males are given intermittent breaks outside on a screen porch and can roam the main house during “supervised visitation”. They are also harness & leashed  trained so they can frequent the outdoors with a human companion. ALL of our breeding cats are full family members that enjoy an excellent quality of life! To us, it’s cruel to isolate such a sociable breed that craves human interaction and force it to live in isolation for years  (in a  basement, garage, cage or outdoor pen) regardless of the cat being whole (not spayed/neutered).  This is why we limit the sale of breeding cats and hope buyers will expect their kitten to come from a home that  treats their breeding cats with love and respect regardless of the inconvenience or home modifications required.

Humbly, I bend to stroke her silken fur.

I am content to be a slave to her.

     …Walter Adolphe Roberts

Champion Broadsway PUMA GIRL of  RoyalLions (RETIRED)

Puma Girl was given her name in honor of the Florida Panther. She has a very similar ticked coat, rosewood colored nose, incredibly long tail, and moves throughout our home with the gracefulness of a wild cat. We were attracted to her instantly due to her resemblance of Florida’s most endangered animal. She is what inspired our support of “Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge”. Though Puma is as beautiful as a wild cat she has the sweet laid back disposition expected of the Maine Coon breed, she is known to lie upside down in the crest of our arms face up like a baby. She loves to touch our faces with her well -tufted hairy paws, we  say she enjoys wearing her furry house slippers! Puma’s favorite hobby is to help with home repairs, she comes running to the sound of  power tools.! She has even been caught cuddling hand tools (see below). Not only did we fall in love with her natural beauty but her extremely unique personality and loving nature! Nothing gets under Puma’s skin. She gets along well in a multi-cat setting and tolerates any situation with ease and grace. Puma is one of our bed kitties and biggest lovers! While showing, the judges admired Puma’s long muzzle and tall ears. They noticed her remarkably long tail, expressive gold eyes, and dramatic forehead markings. Her show disposition was incredible, she was cooperative and easy going when handled by judges unknown to her. Puma is of remarkable International Champion bloodlines with her father being MainelyClassic ROCKY of Broadsway and her brother Broadsway MACHIAS , both International Winners in TICA! Puma is of the same quality but like most females, her show career was cut short when mother nature called. Her sweet loving disposition was carried forward into her new role  of “stay at home mom” with her first litter born May 5, 2011.  She took to motherhood with the same ease and grace we all expected!

Puma Photographed above by Helmi Flick

7 months old at TICA Atlanta Show 2010

In honor of Puma Girl RoyalLions

adopted Florida Panther  WANDERER

in support of  Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge.


Supreme Grand  Champion

Mainelyclassic ROCKY of Broadsway


of Broadsway


Brown Ticked  Torbie—January 10, 2010


 DNA negative for HCM by Parentage

  Screened 2/18/2011  for HCM via Echocardiogram

                  at UF Vet Medical Ctr.                                         



Puma….a Live Scarf

Stressing on the Way to a show!

Puma’s Brother MACHIAS ..also an International Winner

BlueElla’s Father  ~  International Winner

IW, SGC Broadsway “Redding”

BlueElla’s Mother “Turquoise”

Puma’s Mother ~


Puma’s Father ~ an International Winner

IW, SGC  Mainelyclassic ROCKY of Broadsway

Tarzanna’s Dad -

Ch Bearcloud’s  Hey You

of Broadsway (Thomas)

Tarzanna’s Mom -

Broadsway Benedicta

Beauty is in the Genes!

B.K.’s Father  ~

International Winner

IW, SGC RoyalLions “Count Blackula”

Puma at 3 years old. Breeding Queens may not have a glamorous coat ruff, nor a full tail as they lose coat and some of their beauty caring for their young so they can share their little ones with special families! Once they are spayed, their coats return to their pre-kittening glory and they begin adding body mass to their lean frames.


Supreme Grand Champion


 Dam: Broadsway BLUEELLA of  RoyalLions


Tortie w/ White ~ June 17, 2011 

DNA Negative for HCM



RoyalLions Big Kahuna (RETIRED)

A tortie with an incredible  torti-tude! She’s a show off, an entertainer, a bed warmer, constant companion and a beauty queen with a man’s appetite! We have waited several years for a special tortie with her quality and disposition and here she is....the Big Kahuna.  Big Kahuna means “great teacher”. She teaches us everyday to take life a little less serious and to appreciate all it’s beauty we often take for granted. Superiorly crafted by our God Almighty, we take in all she has to offer with great appreciation and constant admiration. It is not common to have a girl like this adorned with excellent typing, an outstanding disposition and highly desired furnishings such as long red lynx  tips. Showing was prematurely halted due to early heat cycles despite great promise and show disposition!


We thank Broadsway for our BlueElla, the Dam  who helped in the makeup department and our loving boy  International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion RoyalLions “Count Blackula” , the Sire (who has produced those long lynx tips now consistently in many of his kittens). We are grateful to  Dr. David Bernbaum of MTNest and Susan Milburn of CascadeMtn for helping us evaluate her in the sometimes difficult decision when adding a queen to a breeding program. We especially thank  Jennifer Sable and Jean Thompson of Broadsway, our beloved mentors, who put it simply, “if you don’t keep her, you have learned nothing from us!”



Photos By: Helmi Flick @ 8 months old

2012 St. Augustine Show at the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort


“Clowning Around”

Charming Donna Clark,

 into choosing a girl!

Right: Impersonating an owl!

Text Box: B.K.’s Mother ~
Broadsway BlueElla of RoyalLions

Pedigrees may be viewed by clicking on the PEDIGREE link under each cat’s name.  The link will bring you to pawpeds.com an International database of pedigree registered cats. All of our breeding cats are registered here so we can determine optimum breeding coefficients relevant to our breeding program.

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Currently, we are in a transitional phase with our Queens, we have many retiring due to their age . Younger Queens who  have been on BREEDER OBSERVATION will soon be added to this page once they clear their health screenings and heart echoes at 1 year.  It’s  not uncommon for some Queens to be retired early if they are not handling their hormones in a healthy manner or are not happy in the breeding environment. We  do not feel all cats are meant to be mothers. Any issue we see that might be detrimental physically or emotionally is cause for us to remove them from our program and place in a forever home.



Supreme Grand Champion


 Dam: Broadsway PUMA GIRL of  RoyalLions


Brown Classic Tabby

March 15, 2015 


DNA Negative for HCM

Screened 3/18/2016 for HCM via Echocardiogram at University of Florida Veterinarian Medical Center


Personality Profile Coming

RoyalLions  THE JESTER

Sire: Broadsway POPO CHAN

of  RoyalLions


Dam: RoyalLions



Black Tortie

March 11, 2015 


DNA Negative for HCM

Formally Screened 3/18/2016 for HCM via Echocardiogram at University of Florida  Veterinarian Medical Center



Personality Profile Coming

Clowning around at the vet during her first exam at about 15 weeks old

Cloistercoon OLANA of RoyalLions


Supreme Grand Champion

Coonificent  GIZMO

Dam: CH Broadsway  NOVENA

of  Cloistercoon


Black Silver Ticked Tabby

w/ White


October 8, 2015 


DNA Negative for HCM

To be screened at one year for HCM via Echocardiogram at University of Florida  Veterinarian Medical Center



Personality Profile Coming

RoyalLions “The Phantom of October”

Sire:  INTERNATIONAL WINNER, Supreme Grand Champion


Dam: RoyalLions


Black Tortie


October 15, 2015 


DNA Negative for HCM

To be screened at one year for HCM via Echocardiogram at University of Florida  Veterinarian Medical Center



Notice Jester’s beautiful mane before she became a mother. Kittening affects the hormones which causes many breeding cats to lose coat. Once they are spayed, the coat returns to it’s glorious state.

Personality Profile Coming

The Baby Phantom on right, part of the Trick or Treat Litter. Siblings (clockwise) include: RoyalLions Trickster (far left)  Pumpkin, Snickers, Skittles, and Baby Lemur. The Trickster and Skittles went home together to the Sammit family in Palm Beach to join two other RoyalLion siblings, while Snickers went to Boca Raton, FL to live with Dr. Robert Rowen, and Lemur and Pumpkin now reside in Jacksonville, FL with the Gingsburg family. They brought many tricks and treats with them!