The Creator… has shown plainly enough that  he considered cats the highest  form of life, by placing them above all material cares. This enables cats to live in contemplative leisure, leading what one of the greatest human philosophers,  Aristotle, holds up as the good life.

 But although Aristotle expounded the good life, even the noblest born among his countrymen did not lead such a good life as a cat!

  —Artaxerxes, the cat of writer T.O. Beachcroft

And Cats as well as Kings like flattery.

One day, when Mark  Twain was about to enter a room, two kittens came running up. Twain opened the door, bowed to the cats and said,  Walk in, gentlemen, I always give precedence to royalty.   —Robert Southey

I am A-Okay with air travel, where’s  the nuts? on U.S. Air 7 months







Sire:  OS, RW, SGC Tanstaafl  BEAUREGARD

Dam:  GC  Broadsway CINDERPAW of  RoyalLions 

Solid Black Maine Coon

January 19, 2009 (MLK Day)   





 HCM Screened:  12/ 10/2014, 8/16/2013, 4/13/2012, 5/21/2010  via Echocardiogram at Univ.  of Florida Veterinarian Medical Center by Board Certified Cardiologist ~

 DNA Negative for HCM , 

Hips Radiographed : Good

Southeast Regional Awards

Best Maine Coon Cat

Best Maine Coon Kitten

2nd Best Allbreed Kitten

5th Best Allbreed Cat

2nd Best Longhair Cat

Best Black Maine Coon Kitten

International  Awards

23rd Best Allbreed Kitten  Internationally

11th Best Maine Coon Cat

5th Best Maine Coon Kitten

2nd Best Black Maine Coon

Best Black Maine Coon Kitten


 Selected as one of  only 5 Cats to Promote t

he International Cat Show in California 2010

and 2011 in Pennsylvania

Count Blackula at 8 weeks




CascadeMtn “Love Shack” of Royal



Supreme Grand Champion

CascadeMtn “McKenzie” 

Dam: Champion WhataTrill “Sierra” of CascadeMtn 

Red Mackerel Tabby -  Born January 6th, 2010

5 yr. IBC: 3.22% 

HCM Tested: 4/13/2012, 2/18/2011  via Echocardiogram at UF Veterinarian Medical Center—heart “normal” . DNA Negative for HCM 



It was our great fortune that this little red mackeral boy found his way to RoyalLions thanks to our very special Northwestern friends Blair and Susan Milburn of CascadeMtn (Ridgefield, WA) , but it wasn’t an easy journey. At just under 14 weeks old “Love Shack” bravely traveled all the way from Washington state to a cat show in Calgary, Canada. He  endured  the long weekend in a show shelter and  unfamiliar hotels, then was handed off to a cat show judge who flew him cross country to Florida  where we met him at the Tampa International Airport. The judge commented on Shack’s  incredible social nature and his  subsequent voluntary change of seats to the back of the plane  since Shackie may have been disturbing those around him with all  his storytelling.  Still, he had a 5 hour trip north in our vehicle before he reached his final destination, his new home. His  transition was instant, he made himself  comfortable on our laps the very first time we picked him up and  told us all about his adventure. Since his arrival he has been nothing but a big love not to mention a chatter box!  The name “Love Shack” came quite naturally as he constantly licked us like a puppy.  He has a sweet gentle nature and enjoys being petted, cuddled, and listened to!  He in known to give “Shack Attacks”;  this is when he  meows very loudly in our face,  as  if  to kindly warn us, and then proceeds to cover  our cheeks in kisses. Because  of this very dog-like behavior, for a while, one of his nicknames was Chili Dog!


Our red headed step child will be an outstanding outcross in our breeding program by bringing  a very nice head with an exaggerated curve to the profile, a deep strong chin, proportionately well sized ears, and solid boning. Shack will also contribute an exceptionally long tail to our already lengthy tails. Although near perfect in his typing, Shack only has one silly habit, he frequently sucks on his  toes  like a pacifier and he won’t trade his foot for anything! And, he must be cuddled while doing it! We aren’t sure if his future girlfriends will find this very attractive for a stud muffin. In addition, he will be valuable asset in the social arena of our cattery by being a useful tattle-tail  among his peers and bringing constant conversation when his foot isn’t in his mouth!


Shackie became a Supreme Grand Champion after only 3 & 1/2 shows! He received a “Best Cat” Allbreed award by judge Rob Seliskar at the Nov. 2010 Largo, FL show and only needed a few more points to formalize his title. We are very proud of this boy and knew he had what it took even though he resembled a baby porcupine in the very beginning (see above at 13 weeks). In his show finals, the judges consistently complimented Shack on his wonderful head, strong profile, expressive eyes,  length of body, and his extremely long tail . At the Destin, FL show in January 2011, Love Shack earned 8 Best Maine Coon Awards and Finaled 7 times, earning 7 AllBreed Awards in the Adult Championship Class  driving him to a  2011  Southeast Regional win while earning “Best Maine Coon Cat in the Southeast Region”!

Baby Porcupine –  Shack @ 13 weeks

 Photos by Helmi Flick @ 7 months

It’s always a goal to perpetuate the better assets each cat can bring to a breeding program. However we have discovered that not just physical qualities can be passed down. The 3 week old baby to the right, named Winchester, is actually sucking his paw. Shack sucks his toes so it was shocking to see this very rare habit inherited by his son, and by the only  red mackeral kitten in the litter who looks just like Dad! We now affectionately call Winchester, Chester the Molester!

“Chester the Molester” Shack’s son


in outdoor play yard

Popo Chan (who we refer to as (Popo Chan the Biscuit Man) is a Puff Monster!  We know Maine Coons are often referred to in a more dignified manner but Popo is too cute to be so restrained in describing the “Royal Puffness”. Popo was to be placed as a Pet by Broadsway Cats, until the prospective owner was deemed unstable for adoption . We happened to be looking for a high quality outcross . When we saw his photos we knew he was the man with all the makings of  the grandest of Lions, we actually insisted he was BREEDER / SHOW QUALITY and offered more than pet price to  guarantee  we’d have him in our program.  We found his length of muzzle a great attribute to our program, his big boning and nice pedigree was a big plus. Obviously, the Puffster had a fabulous coat which would be harder to maintain but who cares with such a magnificent boy, we were willing to  be a slave to this creature and groom past midnight just to have this beauty in our home. He has fabulous tall ears , very similar to Puma Girl, and an elegant  profile.  Most importantly, his disposition is totally charming. When we come home and he sees us , he stands on his tippy toes and starts puffing up while making biscuits.  The Puff Chef  gets twice as big as his normal size. He appears as if he might just blow up as we stand in awe. In honor of  his incredible solid black  father “RW, SGC Mainelyclassic NIGHT OWL bred by Rae Sammis , we named  Popo Chan  after an Owl popular  in Japan  also known as the Northern White-faced Owl (Ptilopsis leucotis) which is a species of owl in the Strigidae family. who in a defense response blows up massively when confronted by a predator. When Popo was to be named,  I  haphazardly googled “Owls that Puff”, we were shocked to find a match. Puff truly is magical in his ability to "puff" but also in how he loves everyone, he is just pure Puff Magic ! We have no doubt Popo could of easily been a phenomenal show cat and meets the standards and disposition of the breed with excellence but due to family issues, we were not able to show him the year he was acquired. Our plans are possibly to show  him in the alter class upon retirement. So far, the litters he has sired has had consistent beauty, coat, and amazing dispositions.  “Popo Chan the Biscuit Man”  is the finest Chef and  we’re very proud we saw the potential of this beauty  including  being the greatest Master Chef we have known, his biscuits are to die for!

Broadsway PoPo CHAN of RoyalLions

Sire:  RW, SGC   Mainelyclassic  NIGHT OWL
Dam:  Broadsway SAKI , daughter of  IW, SGC  Williamina  COUGAR

Red Silver Classic Tabby

May 11, 2013




 HCM Screened : 12/01/17,  7/17/16,  5/30/14  via Echocardiogram at UF Veterinarian Medical Center

by Board Certified Cardiologist.  DNA Negative for HCM.

My James Earl Jones Look

Popo @ 9 months asking me to read him the

“UPenn Current” Vet School newsletter.

Phoenix Online Graduate

I’m Feeling A Lil’ Devilish

The Count on Christmas 2014  - 22 lbs.

Previous Kings ~ Now Retired



Best Maine Coon, Best All Breed 

Red  Hats  Show, Largo, FL

Our daughter Dallas and Allen ... 

the Cat Daddy

Southeast Regional Show

Augusta, GA. 

2016 Regional Winner


Sandy Claws Cat Club

Orlando, FL

Graymoor assisting with the Master Clerking!

Super chill with  sitting in the middle of the show hall amongst the crowds and loud noise.

On January 19, 2009, on MLK Day, six baby Maine Coon kittens were born to CinderPaw and Beauregard. As they arrived we named the 6 boys: Martin, Luther, King, Junior, Brach, and Oreo in honor of the day.  It was purely coincidental after their post birth weigh-in Junior was the runt and King led the litter by almost a whole ounce, this is a considerable lead for a newborn.  As the babies grew King, a solid black Maine Coon, dominated the pack, pushing his way through the crowd to get to the food first, hogging  the trough by laying in it, sitting on the highest perch of the cat tree, rough housing with his siblings despite their disinterest, and not cooperating  during photo sessions. He was a “king” not to be ignored. As he matured none of the other kittens caught up with him in size, it was clear  s his chest broadened he was possibly sneaking to the local  gym at night! He had exceptional  boning and structure for his age. His muzzle stood out nice and square, the curve to his profile was dramatically defined, and he sported beautiful lynx tips!  We knew when he started body slamming the kitten room door to get out we had a baby Napoleon on our hands.  King was difficult to disregard as he became very vocal  in  trilling his dissatisfaction with closed doors and seeing carbon copies of himself in mirrors. He also knew just where to lay his “bigness” to get  attention . It’s quite  difficult to ignore a cat lying  in the  middle of the walkway  with his paws up in the air, belly exposed and legs contorted in such a dramatic display of relaxation! Though very independent in spirit, King was very sensitive and loving; head butting us the minute we picked him up, following us around the house like a puppy, begging for treats on his hind legs, and trilling when we left his sight. His worst habit became the inspiration for his formal show name. King loved to snuggle at night but often in his quest for intimacy  he would nibble our necks, also known as play biting. This obsession with generously sharing his affection, notably around midnight, gave him his show name “Count Blackula”. Count loves the show hall and winning ribbons, but his demanding performance mainly consists of showing  the judges the fine art of sleeping. As they attempt to fully display him in front of the spectators, Count being the King he is, ignores the effort a judge must make to stretch a solid 20 pound  lethargic cat  It is his thought that their privilege to admire him is their own burden. Several times he  almost fell off the judge’s stand due to rolling over in complete relaxation while his lead bottom dragged him off. Usually at this point the judges kindly remarked on his gentle laid back disposition! Count’s favorite pastimes include watching TV on the kitchen counter;  his favorite channels being Food Network and the Weather, waiting for a handout from the refrigerator,  patting the window with just a tad of effort  as he watches giant squirrels steal the food from our  birdfeeders (he’d never make it in the wild), and traveling to shows. When he does finally choose to exercise he finds it most satisfying to jump on our backs while we are squatting down, burying his face into our necks (of course), and laying spread eagle as if we are his throne!


In November 2009, Count Blackula earned his Supreme Grand Champion title at only 10 months old, this is very difficult to do in the Championship  (Adult) class where often more mature  Maine Coons easily outsize  the kittens who just enter the class at  8 months. In 2010 Count Blackula became  a TICA  International Winner  and #1 / Best Maine Coon Cat  in the Southeast proving  his superb breed conformation,  outwardly affectionate disposition, and  superb showmanship! He has been the cream of the crop of any pet we have owned and  drives home our belief that the Maine Coon greatest capability of giving back!

Skyway Cat Club


Best Maine Coon, Best All Breed


Maine Coon Cats,

 Reputable Florida Maine Coon Breeder

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TICA AllBreed Judge Rob Seliskar Evaluating Graymoor at 6 months, later earning

Best  Maine Coon & AllBreed Kitten and

Best in Show!


Southern Sophisticats Cat Club

Atlanta/Forest Park, GA

Flying Felines, Moraine Ohio, May 2016

3 Day Show, Finialed 19 Rings


IW, SGC  Cloistercoon  GRAYMOOR of  RoyalLions






Sire:  OS, IW, SGC  Coonificent GIZMO

Dam:  GH Broadsway   NOVENA of  Cloistercoon

Blue Silver Ticked Tabby

October 8, 2015







 HCM Screened:  12/ 01/17,  11/18/16  via Echocardiogram at Univ.  of Florida

Veterinarian Medical Center by Board Certified Cardiologist

 DNA Negative for HCM , 


Graymooor   7  months old at  the Sandy Claws Show in Orlando, FL