Show Offs

“show cats of the royal court”

“Just give me the keys, I’ve got a cat show to get to!

Mid-Atlantic Regional's– Edison, New Jersey

Count Blackula showing in the kitten class.

Skyway Cat Club– Largo, Florida

Judge Steven Savant

CFA International Show 2008

Atlanta, Georgia



Fitchburg, Massachusetts

RoyalLions  “Count Blackula”

TICA International Cat Show 2009

Orlando, FL

Showing Redford in the Junior Exhibitor Ring

Cotee River Cat Club - 

New Port Richey, FL

Best Allbreed Alter

IW, SGC RoyalLions “Lunar Eclipse” 

of MTNest

Best of  Show~ 2010 Atlanta, GA

(Count Blackula’s daughter)

Southeast Regional's

Raleigh, North Carolina

Count Blackula  Listening  for Finals!

 Kool Kats Club , Hamilton, CANADA

Destiny Cat Fanciers Cat Club -

Destin, FL

Best Cat from Judge Theresa Kempton

Preparing the Count to board the plane to

Buffalo, New York

FirePaw’s Allbreed Award!

“ RoyalLions showing off their ribbons!”

Redford’s 2009 Southeast  Regional Award

Susquehannock Cat Club - York, Pennsylvania

12 Finals out of 12 Rings!

Young Cat Fancier

Madison escorting FirePaw to Ring 1

Skyway Cat Club - Largo, FL

CascadeMtn  “Snappy “ happy with his awards!

Judge Toni Jones evaluating RedSnapper

“Are you going to groom me or what?

   I can’t be  late to the ring!”

Florida SunCats Cat Club - St. Augustine, FL

Count Blackula’s  Best Allbreed Award  from Judge Francine Hicks, Canada 2009

Judge Rob Seliskar presents Redford

with an Allbreed Award

Vickie Fisher, President of TICA awards Count Blackula “Best Maine Coon”

& “2nd Best Allbreed”

Hamilton, Canada 2009

“I’m not a show girl!”

- Baby BlueElla

Judge Connie Webb admires Count’s

gentle show disposition

A proud daddy receives Judge Kim Tomlin’s

Longhair Specialty Award for Redford

Judge Rene Knapp  awards

“Count Blackula”

Best Allbreed Cat

2009 TICA International Show –

Junior Exhibitor Awards

“Don’t wake me till’ we get there.”

(cat nap on the dash)

Showing Count Blackula in the Junior Exhibitor Ring with Judge Ed Manning,

TICA International Show.

Snappy ‘s Halloween costume.

RoyalLions “Knight Wolf”  at his first show

“Content Car Companions”

Traveling  to Southeast Regional's


Snappy  gets shown off — Largo, FL 2010

Allbreed Judge Ed Manning evaluating Broadsway Puma Girl  of RoyalLions

Athens, Alabama

 Allbreed Judge Donna Madison amused by CascadeMtn

“Love Shack” of RoyalLions

Visiting Friends at the CFA

International Show—Atlanta, Georgia

Savanna, Allen & Janie

Dallas Earns 1st Place in SE Region’s Junior Exhibitor Program.

Lynne Sherer (on left) is her J.E. Sponsor

Ed Manning, SE Director (on right)

SE Regional Director Ed Manning presents

Count Blackula’s  Southeast  Region

5th Best Allbreed Cat Award

Destin, FL 2011

“Love Shack” Earns 8 Best Maine Coon Awards and 7 Allbreed Awards in the Championship Adult Class!

Accepting  the Southeast Region

 Best Maine Coon Cat Award

“Count Blackula’s” Southeast Regional Awards

Lynne Sherer in middle as friend,  mentor, and co-owner

of “Beauregard”,  father of

  IW, SGC RoyalLions “Count Blackula”

Shack being a good boy in the ring cage!

Allbreed Judge Rob Seliskar thoroughly evaluates

“Love Shack”

Shack knowing  how to Work It!

“Puma Girl”  a live scarf

Going to the Largo, FL Show!

“Love Shack” prefers  a lap

vs. a kitty carrier!

TICA Hurricane  Cat Club

Tampa, Florida


DGC Broadsway FirePaw of RoyalLions

Destin, FL 2010  TICA Show—

“Left to Die” Miracle Rescue


The sweet kitty above was intentionally shot with a bow & arrow through his back all the way through his chest, the arrow barely missed  his heart and lungs. He was left to die. Upon discovery by a nearby animal lover, he was  rushed to our vet, Dr. Norm Griggs.  After his risky surgery he went  to a local shelter. When we heard of his fate, we put the word out to the cat fancy via Facebook and emails  in search of a real home. Two weeks later, we delivered “Second Chance Charlie”, to a show in Destin to be  adopted by an Atlanta absynnian breeder. Although Charlie was abused by mankind, his loving disposition towards people remained surprisingly intact. He is now a beloved indoor pet  giving love back he never received and the breeder uses him in area schools to teach kids about animal abuse.


...and Dr. Griggs never asked Charlie for a credit card or payment

for his medical bills!


Picture: Second Chance Charlie in our hotel room with our girls...awaiting to meet his new owner at the show the next morning.

Redford  sitting  outside his show shelter

but never leaving  our side!

Redford Praying

he makes it the Finals!

Count Blackula also NOT in his show cage. He prefers to be touched by his fans!

Cattyshack Cat Club - Augusta, 

South Carolina

Grooming  Call

VolCats Cat Club Pigeon Forge, TN


Maine Coon Cats,

 Reputable Florida Maine Coon Breeder

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CascadeMtn Love Shack of RoyalLions Wins Best  of Breed & receives Allbreed Awards in 10 of 12 rings becoming a Supreme Grand Champion at  the Largo, FL show

2—Time SouthEast

Regional Winner in the Alter Class

Broadsway “Redford”  of RoyalLions

RoyalLions Count Blackula S.E. Regional Awards

Best Maine Coon Kitten & Best Maine Coon Cat

2nd Allbreed Kitten, 5th Allbreed Cat, 2nd Longhair

Yes, I was the man of the day!” Those are all my awards….but, I’d much rather have cash than ribbons !

2009 Southeast Regional Awards

In Fond Memory of  Our

Southeast Regional Director, Jo Parris

Annual  /  International Show in Orlando 2010

2nd AB Award from Dewane Barnes

Text Box: CONGRATULATIONS to Broadsway “Caribou Beer Festival” of Cardigans 

Dam: RoyalLions “Feryl Streep” x  Sire: Broadsway “Kibby”

Caribou in Argentina ~  Best of Breed, Best of the Best, Best of Show !!!!

RoyalLions “Feryl Streep”, Mother of Caribou, has above average typing!  Tall, well set ears, square muzzle, strong chin, beautiful curve to the profile, super long tail, beautiful ticked coat and expressive eyes! We are very proud of our girl and  really need to give the moms more credit :) !!!