Court Jesters

“Entertainers of the Royal Court”

“I know they are  talking about  me!”   BlueElla

“Character is much more impressive than occupation!”

“I can explain my fangs, my father is Count Blackula !”

(The Creature)

Arrested  for Being Too Cute! 

“Doll, what Doll?”  FirePaw

“I Can Prove I’m a Boy!”  SilverBullet

Redford  discovers the catnip well past midnight!

Redford’s Live Portrait “Being hairier doesn’t mean  I’m not family”

“Congrats to Count Blackula, the new dad AGAIN!  His child support bill

is already outrageous!

“We’re  Getting  Low

Mom!”  Love Shack

Guard Kitty sees Daddy in the driveway ...Tarzanna

Redford Sees a Moth...or thinks

he’s a giant rabbit!

Jewel,  I am really too young for that!”


 Stopping Traffic!

Kitten Nursery Cop  Ron Jon

CATastrophe Roofing Company

Maui Nix, Big Kahuna, Ron Jon

(the Surf’s Up Crew)

“So what, we aren’t potty trained yet, we

want out!”   Survival of the Fittest Litter

WANTED: “The Gangsta’s” 

Colt 45, Winchester, Beretta, Remington

Scratching Post 101

 Sgt. Puma Girl

Barking Orders!

“Taste good to me! ” Remington

“If  I could only look like her!”  Beretta

“I told you,  I’m ticklish!”   


“No, I didn’t see any ice cream”

 The Creature

“It’s Only Bed Time for YOU!”  

Colt 45

Puma’s  Authority 

gone to her Head!

“If you want out, you’ll have to get past me!” 

Butterball  (now Ruskin)

“No, I’m  not related to Michael Jackson!”

“An Athlete’s Advantage”

Count Blackula being  exploited as a 20 pound weight  for pushups

“Whadaya mean, Girls talk too much?”  

“I use my very long fingers to snitch food from my sibling’s plates.

“Bad Belle”

Why do you keep asking ME if  I stole 

the black olives off your pizza?”

The Creature

20 minutes prior……..

Sassy  often reads the Warrior Cat Series!

“Sometimes it’s better to have  NO friends!” 

Maui Nix

“Entertaining my Owners”  Ruskin

Remi  the 

Dragon Slayer!

“My lingerie pose…oops… What lingerie?


Midnight Marshmallow Thief (above)


Monopolizing the Refrigerator (below)

Ssshhh….Victoria’s Secret!

RoyalLions “Victoria Secret”  of  Broadsway modeling her white bikini

No Brother, your gonna fall…...

we’re telling!”

“Come Out Little Piggy or I’ll blow your house  down”

“ Somebody stole  all the kitty toys last night?”

(Beretta...Night Heist)

“We  Look Suspicious?”

….all standing by the play pen door

(Cooper, Max, Ruskin)


The Many Misadventures of 

Three  Lil” Red  Heads

~Cooper, Max, Ruskin ~

(the Holiday Treats  Litter)

“Brother, your getting violent”

“But, he likes it Mom!”

(Ruskin tasting his brother Cooper)

Cooper’s Revenge

Making Up

“I’m telling  HIM  the truth and nothing but the truth”    Colt 45

Remi’s  New Shoes!

“Your  not leaving WITHOUT  me!” Remington

”I’m  NOT  White  Trash!”   Chester

“ and what makes  me an Exhibitionist?”    SilverBullet 


“What I think about Girls…….


“No Autographs Please!” 

Colt 45

Three Elves on Shelves  

(the Surf’s Up Crew)

“Whoever thought Santa

was only white?!”

“Did you say to sit on my bottom?” Chester

Beretta practicing for the

2015 Women’s World Cup

“I’m not lying… I am a Lion!”

Interactive Office Decor  - Remington

Notice the big puppy feet. Why Remi  was nicknamed


“The Hamburglar” after Robbing his Siblings’

Food Bowls

FirePaw stuffs herself in a hanging storage bag

The Eating Machines  Litter Know how to Work

the Camera Lady for a Treat!

“I gotta fish!”  Colt 45

....and I don’t want to hear it!”

Bed Bug Beretta!

“But, I don’t  want a  nap!”


“I have no Enemies!”

Count Blackula befriends a visitor he hasn’t previously met.

“Booger, what Booger?” Winchester

“The Art of Laid Back”


“But, I’m not the Bad Easter Bunny!”

“Our Basket Case”

The Bad Easter Bunnies !


Full grown Coonie sucking his paci! Bandit, brother of RoyalLions 

Cream Puff

owned by:  Laurie & John Moses, Birmingham, AL

“The Devil Made Me Do It!”

Scaredy Cats—Junior, Oreo, Count Blackula, FirePaw . Can you find them?

 “Let’s cut through the chase with bath time”

CinderPaw in the washing machine.

“They will pay!”

“I know what your thinking!!”

(Count Blackula’s buddy)

“And, I know what your thinking!  (Chopper)

The Terminator

“CALL OF THE WILD”…….Furry Wolf Child “Lucy”

Batman—Future Pastor (and yes, Count Blackula is his dad)

“Don’t you hear the alarm?”

 (Batman waking up Mommy Tarz)

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